Buying and using your puppy training pads - By: Sia Benet

Description : One of the most trying moments of owning a small dog is training. There are plenty of training lessons that a puppy must receive. So, to get ready for the task, buy puppy training pads first. Then, if you want, you could keep your dogs more comfortable with designer dog beds that are sold online.
It goes without saying that many pads and dog beds exist. Each brand will claim to sell the best item for your dog or puppy. Hence, you should do more than just depending on such a claim only. Find out from other people whether certain dog beds or puppy training pads are good or bad. People write reviews about the products they buy online. So it is upon you to read their reviews and comments before ordering any product. Ensure that you get the most affordable pad or bed and at the same time make sure it has ideal quality.
As soon as you buy the best pads, it will be time to train your puppy. So, start by finding a small section of your house where there are tiles. Linoleum or hard flooring surfaces are a good pick too. These surfaces are ideal for puppy training because the animal could feed, play and sleep comfortably on top of them. You could find them in your bathroom or kitchen. Once you locate the right place, put your puppy training pad where the animal cannot find its sleep area. The sleep area could distract the tiny dog and take longer to grasp its new lessons.
Next, keep a paper towel that has been soiled with the pet’s urine under the pad. Once the pet smells it, he will think that the training pad is where he is supposed to empty his bowels and urine. Stay near the animal. If he wants to use potty, he might bark and cry. Once it does that, move the animal to his puppy pad and speak to him. You might tell him to go potty or use other words. If you consistently repeat it, the dog will learn a lesson. You might want to reward it each time it does the right thing. Get it one of the best designer dog beds too.
Just like human babies, puppies learn faster and easily when they are praised for a job well done. As we hinted above, praise your puppy as soon as it defecates on the training pad. You will require more than one puppy training pads if you own a few puppies. Training work will also be harder but with consistency and patience you can make it. You might want to buy trained puppies as most of what you will do is getting the pet familiar with your home. All the same, training it yourself is more challenging and amusing.
As soon as your puppy uses his pad for a whole month without accidents, you should allow him to visit other rooms in your house. But it will be wiser to place pads everywhere he goes. Alternatively, let him poop on top of just one pad that is near the bathroom. The outdoor potty training can be done in the same way. Finally, buy him on the leading designer dog beds sold on the internet to keep him happy.

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