Is Affiliate Marketing Over Saturated? - By: Ian Kelly

Description : The first point to make is that thousands of people are coming up with new products and solutions that require expert product marketers, people that can understand how to build a business successfully. A lot of these businesses use affiliate marketing techniques to get their business up and running fast. They use affiliate marketing to lower their cost to market and therefore are willing to share a great percentage of the income generated with their affiliate network. Just think about all the new products that come to market each and every day.

Second, it is not just what you sell, but the way in which you sell. There are literally thousands of people that have attempted affiliate marketing and failed. Why? Because they did not have the knowledge and tools required to be successful. A large part of their failure is that most people are looking for the get rich quick scheme. Let me tell you right up front. There is no such scheme. Sure there will be people on the internet advertising how they got rich quick, that it is easy, anyone can do it. In part they are right, anyone can learn the required skills, knowledge and information to become a successful internet marketer. The missing piece that they do not tell you is that it took these people a lot of hard work and dedication to get to the points they are at for it to be as easy as it is now for them. In summary, you have to work your butt off. Just like any other area in life to get the rewards at the end.

Perhaps the two most important things in affiliate marketing are the list you build and the level of trust you generate in that list. What does this mean? First, very few people can just jump online and create income, well they could by placing thousands of adds with google and the like and generate income, but I guarantee you that they will lose money on advertising and not make a dime. The idea is to build a mailing list of subscribers that are interested in the products and services you are telling them about. The more people on your list, the more likely it is they will buy from you in the future as you become a trusted advisor to them. What is a trusted advisor? Quite simply someone that has developed a level of trust with another party and when you tell them that a good product or service will meet their needs they are more likely to buy from you. This can take time, both to develop the list you require and establishing a level of trust with your potential customers. This is where most budding internet entrepreneurs throw in the towel, the instant results, the fairytale is not there and become naysayers.

Perhaps the most important thing you need to do is ensure that people are actually buying what you are selling. Is there demand for your product, can you market in effective ways that you know such as article marketing, AdWords, etc. If you cannot do both of these well, or answer yes then it will not matter, if is a product that no one wants and you cannot generate demand through marketing you are not going to be successful.

Think about the world outside of the internet, there are hundreds of examples where you may believe a market is saturated but many successful business start up and find a niche by differentiating themselves in the market place by effective marketing, building a loyal customer base and becoming a trusted advisor in that area so they get repeat business. It is no different with affiliate marketing.

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