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Description : said: "I totally truthfully fill out the inaugural application form, the form is not provided to me to fill stripper problem I experienced was not a strip club staff, this work is not paid by the piece. Operators formal occupation. " She and feminist lawyer Gloria? Allred held a press conference, has announced that the federal Employment Equity Commission complaint. Allred believes that part-time dancers Sarah does not affect her ability to work as a reporter, editorial department of its superior performance is quite sure she was fired is completely gender discrimination. " Today, Sarah's double identity becomes a writer and strippers, strippers she continues to pay for living expenses, while their last three blog posts, in particular the identity of her dancers through the trials and tribulations finishing a book, this "angry stripper diary" will be simultaneously published July 15 print and online editions and commemorative T-shirts and photos of Sarah with sales. "After losing reporter job.

it also requires a survey? Heaven is so big lump of feces, it is impossible to pull the bird's feces, certainly fall on the plane "manure bombs." Jinnakesi complained that she needs to buy a plastic pool cover cloth, thoroughly cleaned the pool and patio, balcony, for which you want to pay $ 5,000 (1 Canadian dollar equivalent to about US $ 1). (Original title: Canada, a resident of the tragic plane "dung boChina news agency, Houston, July 8 - Houston, Texas, a 30-year-old female correspondent Sarah? Tre Chrysler, daytime news pioneer, was transformed into a stripper at night, a few months before her dual identity was accompanied after exposure, the newspaper boss was fired. Today, she will own experience finishing a book, "Angry Striptease Diary" will be published July 15, and complained to the Federal Employment Equity Commission that he had the inauguration of the newspaper discrimination against women. According to US media reported on the 8th, Sarah? Tre Chrysler after graduating from the University of Houston, New York University, a master's degree in journalism. Before being fired, she is the "Houston Chronicle" social version of the reporters, as the experience of life and income supplement is not huge, daytime running an interview with Sarah night strippers. Her pseudonym "angry stripper", the strippers knowledge and their own hot photos written blog post on social networks. But all competitors "Houston News" came to light in March, has been widely reported. Later, the embarrassment of the "Houston Chronicle" In "Sarah did not mention when the stripper work experience at the inauguration application" as an excuse, fired Sarah. Sarah responded to this in a statement.

it is not yet a conclusion. But transportation officials acknowledge that there will be occasional passenger feces tank mixed with deodorant with dirt, commonly known as "blue ice" frozen accident was falling to the ground. Experts explained that the passenger airliner feces are stored in the tank filled with deodorizing disinfectant feces, feces tank rupture if mixed with deodorizing disinfectant with feces will exude to the outside of the fuselage at about minus 50 degrees altitude quickly form attached to the body of the blue ice, until the aircraft to reduce altitude, the temperature gradually rises, these "blue ice" will melt, from the body and falling to the ground. Here World News quoted investigators,hogan sito ufficiale, if the truth is true, they will try to find stool that frame groove cracking aircraft, in order to solve this problem. Jifeilian - Jinnakesi of the Ministry of Transportation responded very dissatisfied.

Ban Ki-moon pointed out that so far only half of the funds. He urged Member States to contribute generously immediately without further delay. Ban Ki-moon is deeply worried about the humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa. He said: "We can not wait any longer, the loss caused by this crisis will be disastrous." Ban Ki-moon on the 12th morning convened an emergency meeting by the heads of United Nations agencies to participate in the United Nations Headquarters in New York to discuss the worsening drought in East Africa. It is reported that the Horn of Africa including Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan and Uganda seven countries. UN says the Horn of Africa in 60 years the largest Ku Han, leading to northern Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea, South Sudan affected millions of people. UNICEF noted that in Kenya alone, there are 65,000 children may die, three times the number in 2009. In Somalia, there is one sixth of children under five had not birthday. These malnourished children must travel long distances to find food in the hot sun, so exhausted. Ban Ki-moon said: "We must make every effort to prevent further deterioration of the crisis.

I got a lot of friends and support a large number of strangers." Sarah different kind of experience but her fame, Fox Network also invited on the show to promote her new book. (Finish) Welcome comment to share: microblogging Recommended (ediJuly 9, refugees in Ethiopia with children waiting for departure to the camps. A boy newly arrived in Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya waiting to register.BEIJING, July 14, according to Singapore's "Lianhe Zaobao" website reported that the Horn of Africa for decades the most severe drought, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon pointed out that 12 days, the drought in the region has led to more than 11 million people severe food shortages, the international community urgently needed assistance. According to reports, a number of organizations of the United Nations earlier called on the international community contribute $ 1.6 billion to support an initiative in the area of life saved. However.


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