Everything You Should Know About Sales Training - By: Shaun Parker

Description : Sales training will help you make more sales. It really is that simple. Nevertheless very few companies actually make the most of this type of training. It is strange. A casual observer would probably comment that it makes simple common sense - if you want to improve your sales there are techniques that can be learnt that will help you do so. So send your staff on a course and you will make more money - simple. Even so there seems to be a stigma attached to this type of training.

Either that or people do not recognise the importance of sales training or perhaps they do not have a good understanding of what is involved in sales training. I hope that by showing you what can be achieved through sales training you will be more inclined to utilise this beneficial training technique.

Sales training has a broad scope of influence over your staff. It can improve a wide variety of aspects of your sales. This can be in a number of different areas of the sales process. Many sales training courses are developed to help create sales performance, direct sales performance, develop negotiation skills, teach the basic theory of sales essentials, how to sell high value in retail, selling skills for sales professionals and telephone sales skills essentials. Most training providers will also be able to bespoke a sales training session around your particular needs.

A programme that aims to create sales performance will assess and amend the following things. Firstly it will teach your staff to look at the total proposition. Participants will be challenged to identify all elements of the proposition, particularly those elements that differentiate the organisation from its competitors. This will give your staff a more cohesive outlook on the sales process as part of the bigger picture.

Sales staff will be taught the theories behind the creation of value. They will be asked to analyse their notion of value and think about the notion of value that customers bring to the business transaction. This knowledge is extremely beneficial to your sales staff as is the knowledge of how value is created by each element of the proposition.

A course will also help the sales team develop a customer strategy this is one of the most simple yet also the most important and strangely the most overlooked aspect of the sales process. Staff will be taught the importance of the customer in all the transactions that take place. A good course will provide a variety of tools and techniques to help profile customers and identify their relative importance in the process.

A course will also develop an understanding of the sales engagement process. It will help your sales team understand how customers buy. The customer journey and the key stages that customers go through to arrive at a business buying decision will help your sales staff engage the customer and achieve a sale. Engaging the customer in the sales process appropriately will reflect in the sales figures and being able to analyse this is crucial. Activity management and account planning will help you manage the success f your new sales techniques.

There are a number of key sales competencies that salespeople need in order to engage with customers. Knowing these fundamental techniques will make any salesperson better at achieving sales. Often sales people will be extremely gifted at talking to customers and persuading them to buy their products and services but might then fall short with closing the sale. There are simple techniques that will help your team avoid these problems. The combination of knowledge, skill and attitude is at the core of sales and the techniques that are taught in a training session provide a foundation upon which these core attributes can be exploited.

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Author Resource : Shaun Parker is a recognised business consultant. He really values the use of Sales training as a method of improving your sales.