How To Protect Yourself Against Multiple Attackers - By: Nerode Abraham

Description : What can a person do to defend themselves against multiple attackers? This famed question is asked by dozen of martial artists all across the globe. In the following article, we will real answer this question, and you may not like it. BUT..

Before we do, let me start by saying a few things. First, fighting multiple attacker is one of the DUMBEST things you can do. In fact, there are only a few ways I would even consider the notion.
1.If I was jumped
2.If my family was in immediate danger, and I truly felt that their lives were on the line.
3.I was in a situation where I knew that I would be killed or gravely injured if I did not act.

In any other situation I would try to avoid a fight at all cost or RUN as if my life depended on it, preferably into the closest business, where I would call the police, and ask them to escort me to either my vehicle or my house.

Second, if you want to learn how to fight multiple attackers, you need to practice by training in techniques and implementing them by fighting multiple people (in a controlled setting of course).

If you are under the notion that any home course alone will prepare for an altercation with multiple attackers, you are sorely mistaken. It takes practice and implementation before you can be effective in using any technique. That means, getting your butt kicked a whole lot and learning what works and does not work.

Alright. I feel better.

So if you still truly want to learn how to fight multiple attackers. Here it goes.

1.Start calling around to local schools in your area and ask if they also offer sparring (Make sure you specify non-point sparring) against single and multiple opponents in their classes.

If they give you some crap about their style being to deadly for traditional fighting or sparring, hang up the phone. Chances are this school is not worth your time. Make a list of around 10-20 martial arts schools that say that offer this.

2.Take your list and visit the martial arts schools. Plan for at least two trips, one on their fighting or sparring night and one on their traditional training night. Plan to stay the whole time.

Make sure you watch out for red flags. Are the students in shape? Is the instructor very willing to honestly answer all of your questions? Do the students move well, and do they seem like they are able to defend themselves in a effective manner?

3.This should be the final test. Let the instructor know that you are very interested in the school, but you want to be sure that it is a right fit.

Ask if they would be willing to let you do a trial run for at least a week (many of the schools I know that are worth their salt have a month trial run, but a week should be enough time to let you know if the school is really any good or not.)

Ask if they will let you spar before the trial is over. If they do not offer some sort of trial run, you should seriously consider the schools motives.

If they start trying to force you into a contract right away, leave. Do not even waste your time with that sort of nonsense.

4.Spar the students. Do not punk out. If they can hand you your butt on a platter, thats a good sign that you have a school that can teach you a thing or two.

Thats it! There you have it.

If you have followed these steps correctly, be prepared to do some of the toughest training in your life. But if you stick it out for several years it will be worth it.


If you are really smart, you will do what the real tough guys do. Now what do I mean by tough guy?

I mean the guys that deal with violent dangerous people on a daily basis. I am talking about bounty hunters, prison guards, police officers, correctional officers.

These guys are in the thick of it. They eat, breath, and live violence every single day.What do you think these guys rely upon to bring down, even the toughest criminals? Their two fist and feet?

Well, um no. Their gun??

Well, Sometimes

Self defense weapons like pepper spray, and taser guns?


Think about it, why waste your time trying to out fight a criminal whose twice my size when I could just tase them, stun them, or spray them, and they will be down for the count in just a few seconds flat.

Makes since right? Truly smart street smart people know to use the tools that will get them out of a situation alive and unharmed.

And guess what? In most states these same weapons are 100% legal for civilian use!!

Do you own a taser, stun gun, or pepper spray? If not you really should consider it. Because it can really save your life.

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Author Resource : Nerode Abraham is a martial arts enthusiast, and has done extensive research on the area of self defense weaponry. You can find out more and purchase self defense products including Stun Guns, Taser Guns, and Pepper Spray at Nerodes Website.