Dress To Impress - By: Jim Brown

Description : Long nights of making the best thesis are finally over. Luckily, you are not one to bum around after college. You're now off to really make it big out there. Confident that you have enough experience from your on the job trainings and internships, you search for the job that you feel would suit your skills best.

You mass produce tons of resumes and application letters to send out to various companies applying for similar positions. Then one day, you are scheduled for an interview in one of the most prestigious companies. One big question surfaces - What do I wear? In three seconds, a person can already make his judgment on your total physical appearance and first impressions last. In this case, you are marketing yourself as the product. So if this is your first job interview, you just have to dress to impress.

First and foremost, an artist always starts with a good and clean canvass. So the best way to begin dressing up is to start with a clean body. Practice personal hygiene. No wild hairstyles or skinheads. Keep hair neat and tidy. While you are at it, spraying on perfumes and putting on deodorants will do you good as well. Just don't go over-the-top and reek. A clean set of teeth and fresh-smelling breath will add points and, of course, a clean set of fingernails is definitely a pleasing sight, too.

After such preparations, it's time for the real deal. Dressing up is supposed to be fun, so even if it's for a job interview, incorporate your own style, too. But to be safe, call up the company and ask if they have a dress code. Now, if you don't want to call them up, dress up a bit conservative and smarter than you used to.

Power Dressing 101

1. For suits, darker suits work better in special affairs than light ones. You can try suits that come in navy blue and charcoal colors like gray. Wearing black suits, on the other hand, may seem too serious, as if you're going to a funeral. Invest in quality suits that you can mix and match. You may also opt for long-sleeved button-down polo in white or pale colors. If you don't want color blocking, stripes are alright but avoid the ones with wild prints or patterns on them. Remember, you want to look professional. Also, make sure that at least one inch of the sleeve peek out from under the suit jacket whenever you wear it. Lastly, make sure the suit is dry cleaned and ironed well.

2. As for ties, your best bet is the ones that are made of silk. Whatever your style is, never ever opt for ties that have cartoon character prints on them.

3. Your socks should match your pants or shoes. So you better stock up on blue, black, gray and brown socks. Avoid showing some skin when you cross your legs by choosing a pair that is long enough.

4. Shiny and polished shoes, preferably in black leather, make a great impact. It is a tell-tale sign of how clean and organized you are as a person that you even take your time cleaning your shoes. Avoid looking too casual by not opting for loafers. One thing to check, too, is the soles. Make sure that they aren't worn out. If they are, head to the local shoe repair shop.

5. Accessorize right by not overdoing it. Don't wear flashy accessories. Go for plain and simple watches instead of those ones with blinding diamonds. Leather belts that complement your shoes are a good choice. Last but not the least, if you have to bring a briefcase to complete your look, opt for the ones that come in neutral colors that will complement most of your suits.

Looking good is a sure way of getting their attention but it's the confidence that can truly make you stand out.

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