Stop Smoking Medication - An Analysis Of The Different Types Available - By: Peter Finch

Description : With the advancement of science and technology, several methods have been developed to stop smoking. Of course, the most popular of these methods still remain the oral medicines, as these are quite easy to consume and most of them show good effects in curbing the habit. But not all of them can be branded as safe. Before taking any stop smoking medication, it is important that you know their pros and cons fully well.

Among the popular stop smoking medications being used today are included NicVAX, varenicline, bupropion in addition to the herbal remedies. Let us learn more about these medications.

NicVAX - NicVAX is a conjugated vaccine of nicotine itself. This vaccine is injected into the bloodstream of the smoker. When the person smokes, NicVAX molecules merge with the nicotine molecules making them heavier. These heavy molecules are then unable to enter into the brain. As a result the addictive effect of the nicotine is not felt, since the nicotine molecules are stopped from entering the central nervous system. Many experts are feeling that NicVAX is perhaps the best stop smoking medication ever developed, because if the the addictive nature of the smoking is stopped, then there is a very less chance that a person will continue smoking.

However, some people feel NicVAX would not be very successful in people who are very heavy smokers. If such people even take NicVAX, there is a potential danger that they might go on smoking more cigarettes just because they do not feel the punch as before. So, instead of reducing the smoking habit, there is a very great chance that NicVAX might actually aggravate the problem. Yet, there are tests being conducted and so far they have only shown positive results for NicVAX.

Varenicline - Varenicline is the very popular prescription drug known as Chantix in the US and Champix in Europe. This drug, manufactured by Pfizer, is actually the first nicotinic receptor agonist, which works in two ways. First, it curbs the smokers craving to take another smoke. And second, it helps in curing the harm that nicotine has already caused in the body. Varenicline can reduce the effects that a person feels for smoking, and that is the reason why it is effective as a stop smoking medication.

But varenicline can cause some unpleasant side effects in the body. Nausea and vomiting may occur, and there could be headaches. Some people would find their sensation to taste changed while they are using this medication.

Buproprion - Buproprion is marketed under the brand name Welbutrin. Its main capacity at acting as a stop smoking medication stems from the fact that it has antidepressant properties. Due to this, it can be a very useful ally for a person who is planning to give up smoking. If depression is kept out of the way, the person has a better chance to give up smoking entirely.

An overuse of buproprion can cause eating disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia. There is also evidence that its overintake can cause epilepsy in the long run. People with cirrhosis, kidney ailments and high blood pressure are not prescribed the drug.

Herbal Remedies - Herbal remedies for smoking cessation have been singularly used since centuries, but it is only lately that they are being sold as formulations. SmokeRX is a good example of the herbal remedy brands available today. As their name suggests, herbal remedies contain only of herbs. They are also quite fast-acting. SmokeRX begins showing effects in as less as a week.

Hence, every stop smoking medication available in the market today has its merits and demerits. That is the reason why smokers are shying away from these medications and are looking out for alternative medicines to help them to kick their smoking habit.

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