Getting The Right Exhibition Equipment - By: Shaun Parker

Description : It is a typical Monday morning and you are in your office working hard at your computer, when the boss pops out from nowhere and requests to speak with you. You comply with this request walking towards his office and you wonder if it regards you nearly damaging some of the exhibition equipment used for the last company event, or could the rumours of downsizing be true with you going first. You sit down opposite your boss who then lays it down onto you. He wants you to represent the company, heading the exhibition at the next annual business fair.

Mission Impossible

Out of the list of things he has set for you, he tells you that the exhibition equipment has to be nothing short of superb! Then your heart starts beating fast and you begin to feel the beads of sweat building up on your forehead as he has given you a week to organise it. This is a mission impossible but with some help from your teammates and good research, all should go smoothly - or so you hope.

It is possible that most people have been given set tasks that seemed very daunting at first, choosing and ordering the right exhibition equipment, ready for a very important meeting, function or ceremony. A task like event organising takes time planning, researching and requires a lot of patience. One thing is straight not everybody can pull it off alone so teamwork is key.

Get the right stuff

Knowing what you need for putting up a superb exhibition would be a good place to start. The most important element to any big event is getting the exhibition equipment right. What do other companies use? What works best for the company? Which ones are the right ones to use? Why is it so important to get this part of the event organisation right?

The above questions are the sorts of questions that are likely to run around in your head whilst organising an event. The essentials of exhibition equipment are simply lighting, display units, furniture, graphics (mainly for signage, posters etc) and display stands. There are various styles of equipment, you would have to determine the theme of the event, whether it is a big presentation or charity fundraising event, you can choose from basic counters to modern graphics on well lit stands. Build-your-own exhibition kit is also available for the more hands-on individuals; otherwise, this can all be hired and maintained through various agents.

The layout of your display is extremely important for the type of people you want attracted to your company. If you aim to attract tech-savvy individuals, then your best bet is to make the displays as modern and advanced as possible, taking into consideration that you are trying to impress them with your advanced knowledge. If however it were an in-house exhibition, then something more basic with good lighting would suffice.

It truly depends on the scale of the exhibition. I have often found in the past that Graduate Job Fairs are a great way to show-off the company logo using fancy exhibition equipment. Though they have always amounted to no recruitment for me (unfortunately you walk away with far too many prospectuses or booklets that turn out to be useless or pointless), the display stands and set-up are always impressive. A big event like this attracts many ambitious graduates and there are companies competing against each other to attract the right crowd. It is just a shame that it seems like something more for companies to show off their successes rather than take on new recruits!

Therefore, with the above in mind, researching, planning and preparing in advance are always the key to any event organisation. Finding the right kits to suit the theme of your company is also necessary, so as not to confuse people. Above of all relax! There is nothing worse than turning up to an exhibition or an event of some sort whereby the hosts look stressed out. A smile goes a long way.

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