5 Ways to Fail on eBay - By: Garland Choate

Description : No one sets out to fail at anything. Everyone who embarks forth in any attempt seldom considers the hypothesis of failing. Failure isn't an option...or so they believe.

The sad truth is, nevertheless, that failure isn't merely an option; it's a probability unless the adventurer knows where he's going, how he's going to get there, does not spend a lot of time or energy looking for shortcuts and abides by the rules for success.

Here are five ways to assure your failure as a seller on eBay:

1. Use titles that do not describe the item: it's baffling to see titles of items that have no bearing whatever on the item being put up for auction. Titles like, L@@K or Beautiful or Amazing are not only not descriptive; they are completely ineffective. With a title like that, you'll be lucky to get your mother to bid on the item.

2.Using ALL CAPS: Do it often and create large blocks of text in all capitals. All capital letters are hard to read. It may appear that you're drawing attention but employing all capital letters has the reverse effect.

3.Misspell a couple of words and be sure that your grammar stinks: There are very few things in advertising that are a greater put off to buyers than misspelled words and poor grammar...so if you genuinely want to fail...do both.

4.Do not care about your feedback score: So your feedback score is lingering someplace around zero...why should you care? Duh! You're so wrong if you think that your feedback score does not matter to potential buyers.

5.Do not bother with the old photograph thing: Who cares if the picture alongside your advertisement is unfocused and looks more like a black blob than a curtain? The photo is the only way a prospective customer can see the item that's being offered....your long-winded description is not going to do the trick.

Ebay supplies several tools for sellers that are complimentary, and those free tools are sufficient for the casual seller of an item or two.

Nevertheless, if you're planning to become a seller on eBay that will supply you with an income that will meet your needs and then some, you're going to need better, more powerful and faster tools to assist you in achieving your selling goals.

The File Exchange is an advanced eBay tool and the only one that's gratis. This tool lets you:

1 Upload, edit or re-list 1000s of listings at one time

2 Download active and sold listings

3 Supports Half.com The Selling Manager costs $4.99 per month to subscribe. The first month is gratis. The Selling Manager lets you: *Manage your inventory *Automatically list and re-list items *Automatically send feedback

4 Monthly profit and loss reporting

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