Development of Self Voice and Mind in Relieving Frustrations - By: Floyd Bogart

Description : Are you worried or frustrated? Why is the reason? The most likely answer to this question will be an external happening or event. Is there a way to overcome it? Yes, there is and the answer lies within you. You have to go delve deep into your mind, understand, and analyze it.

In a world driven by material pursuits, inner peace is elusive. Recall the handful of best moments in your life. Odds are these times do not include the time you bought a car or found a designer sweater you liked. The old saying is true: The most enjoyable and precious things of value in your life cannot be bought.

Then you not stop to think about yourself? Why can we run in pursuit of deeper and more meaningful things like peace and serenity?

Self-development helps us to overcome our worries and fears. When you understand yourself, you can know why you think or act or react or behave in the way you do. This will help you to have a better hold over yourself. You can control your actions, thoughts, behavior and reactions. They will no longer be involuntary.

When you analyze and know yourself better, you can decide how to react or behave in a particular way that is of utmost benefit to you as well as others. Unfortunately, our lives are filled with more negative than positive events and happenings. These negative events have a deep-rooted impact on our emotional well-being. Over a period of time, they turn us into irrational human beings. We can remove these negative impacts on us by consciously taking steps to eradicate them from our mind. We must only have a positive ambiance around us.

Everything in this world has a cause-effect relationship. Once we understand the cause of a certain behavior or action, we can determine the ways to prevent them. When we decide to remove all the negative feelings in us, we are left with nothing but a positive frame of mind resulting in an optimistic outlook towards life.

Self-development increases our capabilities as individuals. It gives us the mental strength to do things that we thought was impossible. In fact, becoming capable is part of the process of self-development. It helps individuals to acquire progressively the powers of discernment, discrimination, understanding, patience, evaluation, and sympathy.

The central motivational power in this process of self-development is self-love that Socrates, Pluto and Aristotle recognized as the pre-condition for the love of others. Each individual will comprehend the joy of giving. Generosity will become a way of life. It will make an individual realize that life is much more than material wealth. They will have something to live for and look forward to everyday.

A motivated and mentally developed person will be in a better position to make decisions. They will know to discriminate between good and bad. They will enjoy the freedom to pursue their treasured wishes and thoughts. They can stand up to the world and fight for what they believe in. They will have the courage to be righteous.

The Government of every country has the moral obligation to help individuals in their mental development. The fundamental purpose of politics and Government is to enhance the quality of life of human beings. This makes it the paramount function of the Government to provide the necessary but non-self-suppliable conditions for optimizing opportunities for individual self-discovery and self-development. Every Government should realize this responsibility and should take steps to provide them.

Self-development not only helps one individual to rise above negative influences, but it will also inspire others to follow his/her footsteps thereby creating a community of sharing and giving.

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