Smallville: At Last, The Red and Blue for Tom Welling - By: Dirk Hamman

Description : Longtime fans of Krypton’s last son have gotten to know his younger self very well in a spin-off television drama series, one that has focused on his troubled teenage years in his good old hometown. However, a number of Smallville devotees in the fan community remain divided on whether the young Clark should finally make an appearance in the iconic blue and red spandex, with several saying that it would be akin to a breaking point or crossing over an irreversible threshold. But despite these misgivings, a chance for actor Tom Welling to don the cape in another production has arisen, one headed for the big screen.

According to the IESB, with the news that Superman Returns star Brandon Routh will not be reprising his role for the upcoming live-action Justice League America film, the buzz has begun that Welling is in talks for the film’s casting. The Justice League is a famed organization of superheroes made popular by DC Comics, featuring the likes of Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Batman, Green Lantern, and of course, Superman. The group was made popular again most recently by the DC animated television series Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, and in the DC universe, spans over hundreds of superhero members.

Upon being questioned for comment, Welling’s representatives remained mum, with neither a real confirmation nor denial being made yet. Yet on the other hand, one issue that might worry fans is the fact that the planned filming schedule for Justice League America partly takes place at the same time as Smallville’s. This would mean that either the movie or the show would have to find time and accommodate around each other, or that Welling would have to actually be absent from several episodes of the series. In any case, it would mean longer work hours and more scenes to shoot for the actor.

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