What Is Green Plumbing - By: Wes Hamilton

Description : Gallons of water are being washed down the drain with each passing day. Green plumbing is an initiative to design and execute a plumbing layout that stops incessant wastage of water and energy. Green plumbing is when the residential plumbing layouts and designs offer maximum efficiency and bare minimum wastage of energy. It has suddenly become a rage these days; people are switching to green plumbing and making a conscious effort to save water.

The plumbers are being trained and imparted with special skills to cope up with the growing fad. Green plumbers help people with their home improvement and plumbing layouts in order to eliminate unnecessary wastage with minor changes in the traditional plumbing designs. There is wide array of techniques that green plumbers implement, put you on the right path to reap in huge benefits.

There are many companies offering green plumbing services. An extensive research about companies and their services is very crucial. It is fairly easy to get in touch with a green plumber or a company that provides the services through their websites and contact information. The dexterous and skilful professionals can easily handle remodeling and plumbing jobs to your approval.

The various techniques can be implemented in residential areas as well as commercial properties. These include changing the traditional fixtures and faucets to water saving fixtures, energy saving water heaters and remodeling the plumbing layout according to green plumbing guidelines. Some of the basic methods to apply green plumbing are:

Water Saving, Energy Efficient Plumbing Products
Sink and Showers
Water Heaters
Hot water re-circulating
Rain sensors

Energy saving products with EPA star rating is a favorable option. There is wide assortment to choose the equipments depending on their viability and considering the budget.

Toilets: there are many types of green plumbing solutions for toilets. Composting- this type of toilet does not require any sewage disposal system instead it decomposes the waste products into useful fertilizers and manures. There are many odorless and waterless models available for this type. Low flow, dual flush toilets- this type of system is a significant water saver. The dual flush mechanism allows you to choose the amount of water required for the waste. Waterless urinals- they are the latest products for green plumbing allowing an odor-free and waterless disposal of waste products.

Sink and showers: depending on the practicability. Low-flow aerators are efficient devices to save water without compromising on the pressure. They can be directly fitted on the faucet head and help control the water flow. Low-flow showerheads are also based on control flow technology to manage the water flow and considerably save on water consumption. The non-aerating spray can save energy due to less heating time. The more recent Sensor operated faucets allow contactless water flow and help in conservation to a significant limit.

Water Heaters: form a crucial part of green plumbing equipments majorly because they help conserve water as well as energy. Tank-less or instantaneous heaters can be directed to obtain hot water without storing in a tank that ultimately led to high-energy consumption in traditional tank heaters. Solar water heaters can be used instead of power heaters to make use of renewable sources of energy. There are many efficient and affordable solar water heaters available in the market nowadays.

Other methods that green plumbers can help you install in your home and office are: Hot water re-circulating pump systems to circulate hot water all throughout the premises in pipes without wasting energy and decreasing the waiting time for hot water. Rain sensors - have the ability to detect the water requirement after rainwater has supplied the required watering.

The fast depleting, precious natural resources certainly call for a watchful usage and maximum conservation for the generations to come. Thus, such initiatives are undoubtedly the need of the hour.

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