Things To Consider With A Garage Sale - By: Uchenna Ani-Okoye

Description : In a lot of garage sales, a number of the products (particularly the clothing) are dirty. observe this when you visit new people's garage sales, and then put it upon yourself to be sure that each item - absolutely everything you present - is clean and gleaming bright. Some soap, a bucket of water, and some old rags will do wonders for shop tools, garden tools and bicycles. Equally goes for furniture polish on older furniture, and a run through the washing machine for all washable clothing.

It is worthwhile to agree on a price for each item before you start out for display. Then tag that specific price on it and attach a price tag to every item. Your prices should also always be rounded off to more or less even numbers such as: $.50, $1, $1.50, and likewise. Alternatively, don't ask for $.35, $.95, or $1.98, or any of that kind of pricing. Nearly unnecessary to say, you should always mark the whole thing up by 100% of more, or if you have obtained a particular item for $l, set a price of $2 or more on it.

It's a good idea as well to mark up your asking price from the bottom-line price you're willing to accept. Basically, the price marked on the price tag at most garage sales is taken as the starting price fro m which the buyer and seller negotiate. Most garage sale promoters price their cheaper items at the bottom line price they will accept, and don't deviate from those prices as shown on the price tag. Then on the more expensive items - $2 and over - they mark up their asking prices by 20 to 40 percent and use that margin for negotiating with the customer.

In case you are slightly shy when it comes to individual selling, you can follow some hidden secret that will provide you an upper hand: at all times spread out an attitude of friendliness, not considering the circumstances or your first impression of the potential buyer. Always smile and speak hello in a voice loud enough to be heard. Talk to every person stopping or dipping by your sale location.

Be obliging, but allow people to look around on their own until they particularly ask you for help. When you're 'keeping an eye on your merchandise', be as modest as possible; no one likes to feel he is being watched too closely. Whenever a customer appears to have made a selection and asks you what you'll take for it, or what kind of a deal you'll make for it, be ready to enter into friendly negotiations.

Earlier than you open, certainly, you will have completed your homework and know the value of each item of product you have for sale. Don't ever take a customer's "claimed" value of an item. By the same token, don't listen to a seller, when you're purchasing items for your sale, when he say that he's offering you an antique or price less treasure.

Occasionally, in fact very rarely you'll be able to pick up incredible treasures for virtually nothing; so by knowing your merchandise, you'll not let 'the flag that Betsy Ross made' slip through your fingers for a song. Be sure to have all possibly really valuable items appraised by authentic dealers. These people are listed in the yellow pages of your telephone directory.

A few of the extras that add to the success of a garage sale comprise: ample changes, as without proper change, you'll drop out numerous sales. A tape measure, because you'll discover people frequently want to know the exact dimensions of a few things which precisely are furniture, in order to fit it into a definite space they have in mind. Long extension cord and electrical outlet, because your customers will want to 'plug in' and try out the mixers, vacuum cleaners, hand tools, or other electrical appliances.

Let's timely think of in those cruisers who aren't quite certain they want to park their cars and come browse: Look for some kind of exciting or strange item to call notice to your sale - something you can set up or park in front of your home during your sale. Some of the displays we've seen along these lines consist of a horse-drawn surrey; a restored Model T; an old farm plough.

Anything of a remarkable or fascinating nature will do the trick for you. One couple we know put up a display using a manikin dressed in an old-time farm bonnet, long dress and apron. These displays portray a farm woman of old, washing clothes with a scrub board and two steel wash tubs. It's not hard to suppose, this display really drew the crowds, and crowds always mean sales!

You have to be dissimilar and unique in your imagination. Try that your sales is indifferent from next half dozen else you will get lost in the hundreds of garage sales

Not only you can earn maximum profit but you can attract crowds, if you will take a time to employ you imagination, and setting your sales in a style we designed for you.

Keep this in mind while beginning the garage sales: It's almost an obligation with some women to go shopping, in search of interesting, and sometimes exceptional and expensive items. This truth alone will keep you as busy as you ever want to be, staging and advertising garage sales.

The market is so huge, and the desire so diverse, that anything from a brass bedstead to a used diary of someone's long-forgotten grandmother will sell, and sell fast, at garage sales. Put it all together, use a little imagination and you'll succeed in a very interesting, challenging effort!

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