Affiliate Marketing with Articles: How and Why to Generate Original Content - By: James Slader

Description : Internet marketing is an exciting field. Like any business venture, it requires a lot of work to succeed. Affiliate marketing is a lucrative opportunity with many avenues for growth and profit.

You've taken the first step and started an affiliate business. Now comes the fun part: marketing. Placing banners and links on a variety of websites is one way to build traffic. Unfortunately it doesn't build targeted traffic so the conversion rate is low.

Original Content is Important

Article marketing is easy, fast and affordable. Articles do more than drive traffic to your website. They build backlinks and show that increase your page rank and show that you're knowledgeable in your field.

Offer potential customers quality content. Don't publish cheap, sloppy articles. The goal of article marketing is to draw targeted traffic to your site. By providing articles that show your knowledge, you give customers confidence before they even click to view your website. Make sure that your articles are new and original to avoid duplicate content trouble.

Several different methods exist for generating a variety of content. Choose one method, or use them all for the most diverse articles for marketing. Whichever option you choose, remember your goal is to inform and pre-sell.

Write Your Own Articles

If you have a little extra time or enjoy the writing process, this could be for you. Writing your own content is a foolproof way to ensure that you are publishing original, one of a kind content. Establish yourself as an expert in your specialized market. Rework articles and content and give it an original voice. Use your creativity to boost awareness as an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing can be time consuming. Recover a little bit of that time by rewriting content written by someone else. Use the already-written content as an outline and then make it your own. Add your own voice, change the words and give it new life.

Purchase Content from a Writing Service

Ordering content from a professional writing service is another great option. You know your message; let someone else convey it for you. You don't always have time to sit down and write an article after a long day studying statistics and tracking traffic.

Choose a service that offers a quality guarantee. Most services provide a guarantee that their content is original. It's created for you, and you can use it without any worries about duplicate content. Make sure the articles you receive are tailored to your terms and are exclusively yours.

Syndicate Prewritten Content

Article directories are full of prewritten content. If you find content you feel passionately about, or that you think conveys your message perfectly, you use it to your advantage. Copy the information and use it on your website.

Your job as a business owner is to make sure that you follow the rules put forth by the article directory. Give credit where credit is due. Follow the copyright rules and provide the site name, author's name, and a link back to their site. Plagiarism is never a good practice.

In addition, when you reprint articles from other authors, make sure you follow any specifications they list for using their work. Authors are often very picky about where their work appears. They own the rights to their work and may ask at any time to have it removed.

Provide Factual Information

Whatever method you choose, cut the fat. Information included in your articles must focus on the facts your readers are looking for. Information that is not relevant to your affiliate marketing site only hinders your chances of being in the top search engine results.

Search engines look for common threads in order to rank pages. The more cohesion in your information the higher your site will land on the search engine's results page. Make your article content useful to people interested in your services and relevant to the industry you are a part of.

Publish Everywhere

Find a good article distribution service. Do your research, and look for a distributor that can help you get your article up all over the web. Every article you publish provides links back to your website.

Being unique is one of your biggest advantages. When your content is up to date and innovative, you can go about your business without worrying about duplicate or unoriginal content. Create an article marketing campaign that promotes your affiliate marketing business in a positive light.

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