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Description : As an online marketer, you have a bevy of responsibilities you must take care of each week. You have a website to maintain, and probably a blog or two. You must make time for e-mail campaigns, social networking online, ad writing, and web analytics. On top of that, you may have a weekly or monthly newsletter to write to send to your opt-in list.

Of course, you probably engage in article writing and article submission as part of your article campaigns. You realize that article marketing is a powerful Internet marketing tool. You understand that it is a surefire way to garner targeted traffic to your site. You also know that success in article marketing starts with quality and consistent article writing.

However, you may find your articles aren't quite the caliber you want them to be. You may also find that you're spending too much time writing them. You want to write better and faster. With so many other marketing initiatives to take care of each week, you need to use your time wisely.

This is where utilizing the educational resources of a good article distribution service come in. A good article service will freely provide you podcasts, audio seminars, and the articles and EBooks you need. This is so you can write quality articles efficiently.

That's why it's important to choose wisely when selecting an article distribution service. You want one that offers far-reaching distribution of your articles. You want one that allows unlimited article submission for a one-time fee. You want a service that offers that and then more. That "more" is the tools, tips, advice, courses, seminars, books, and classes that will make you a better writer.

The better article marketing services want to help their writers succeed. They want their writers creating top-notch articles that niche publishers crave. It's a win, win, and win situation for you, the article service, and publishers' when you construct winning content.

You gain quality backlinks. The distribution service maintains a great reputation with the publishers they serve. The publishers offer excellent content to their audiences. It's quality all around.

A good service will have a website section that really is an online college or university. They will make this platform easily accessible by users. This is so users can quickly gain the knowledge they need to succeed online. Therefore, look for the following resources from your article distribution service's education pages.


Look for a service that offers free live telecourses led by some of the known experts in the article-marketing field. You want first-hand knowledge from people who make optimum use of article marketing. The best education is advice and tips from those who know a system and process thoroughly.

Their knowledge will save you trial and error. You will become an article-marketing expert faster when you do things the right way from the beginning. In addition, choose a service that allows you to download these teleclasses to your mobile device. Look for one that makes it possible to add the feed to your home page.

Audio on Demand

The best article marketing services offer current writing education via audio seminars. These are audio sessions that you can access according to your schedule. They exist on a services site 24/7.

You want audio seminars that deal with ways to write faster. Audio classes on how to use articles and ezines together are helpful too. Audio content that deals with using article marketing with blogs and feeds are also beneficial. Seminars on how to market on the Internet free are typically available on a quality service's site.

EBooks and Articles

Of course, there's good old text reading in the form of informative EBooks and articles. The better article marketing services will present users content on article marketing best practices. This is so you submit articles that conform to what reputable publishers require. Articles and EBooks on writing better headlines, and other aspects of writing, will aid your efforts as well.

The opportunities are there to access quality education on becoming a better article writer. Freely given, this information can help make your article marketing campaigns more effective. This education will help you understand the writing discipline better.

Check out the free courses and more from a good article distribution service's online university. When you learn to write better and faster, you get more quality links across the Web. You then begin to see an increase in that pre-sold traffic you need. Then you're on your way to growing your online income.

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