How To Ask Someone Out On A Date - By: Wayne James

Description : First impressions are important. If you want to ask someone out for a date, always keep in mind to look your best. Proper grooming and good hygiene are very important factors. You must not only look great, but you must also feel great. These will make you confident enough to ask the person you like to go on a date with you. You must look fresh and relaxed as much as possible.

Next, you need to introduce yourself. Who would want to go dating with someone she does not even know? Choose the right place and the right time in doing so. Coffee breaks and lunch time are the best times to do this if you are striving for a date with your officemate or co-worker. You can either introduce yourself or ask a common friend to do so.

Make sure to look into her eyes when you are introduced, as it reflects self-confidence. Remember to smile during the introduction as it will put her at ease and you will leave a good impression on her when you do. Extend a friendly and warm handshake. This is another way of demonstrating your confidence. Do not forget to say your name and ask for her name in return.

Next, make sure to get her number as this is very essential is setting up a date. Approach her and remember to maintain eye contact with her. You must appear as friendly as possible. A gentle smile will help a lot. Enter a conversation with her, and start it preferably with a compliment, then introduce yourself again. Then talk your way into getting her number.

You will get a strong sense of whether she is willing to give her number to you or not. If you feel that she is willing to give her number, then ask for it nicely. Try not to be pushy and always show respect since it is a private information. If you are not up to the task of asking it personally, then you can just get it from a common friend, but this is not recommended.

Conversation is the way to know more about her. Once you have her number, call her at least once a day. You can also text or email her. Try to get to know more about her as much as you can. Try to know details like her likes and dislikes, her food preferences and the place where she lives. More importantly, try to know her schedule. This is very important especially if it is the first time that you're dating with each other.

Invite her to have coffee or something which is likewise casual. Make her feel at ease with your company as much as possible. Start casual conversations touching topics which are either funny or not serious at all. Make it a point to listen to what she says, as she may be giving you hints on what she would like you to do. You may have to do this more than once in order to prepare for when you're dating with each other.

And the most important of all, finally ask her for a formal date. Armed with the proper information about her, it is time to formally ask her to go out with you. Remember to ask politely. Since you should know about her schedule at this point, then there will be as little conflicts as possible. Remember that dating is just the first step in having a relationship. Always put the effort into knowing more about her while you go dating.

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