Are You Looking For That First Internet Marketing Incentive? - By: Uchenna Ani-Okoye

Description : If you've never come up with any eBooks or digital products on your own but you've been writing articles and transmitting in forums, then you're in for a big surprise. You won't believe that you already have your own digital production in hand. You'd plausibly think that your own production has to be an eBook, a bit of software or some sort. That is standard.

Though you may not actually hold a digital production, the image of a book that appears on a website gives it the appeal and sincere enough imagery to make it look as real as any, physical product - when an eBook is really just a simple PDF or workable file.

That's why creating an eBook may sometimes be the best way to own a digital production. But, you have been most likely missing the point. Like I said in the opening paragraph, if you have been writing articles and posting in forums, you definitely already have your own product in hand. Take writing articles for example.

You can write a 500 to 600-word article about a subject and then direct an affiliate link to the website you are promoting in the sources section or within the writing. Since there's no writing that can be written identical by two differing authors, unless you lift word for word, your writing is your own special production - in this case, it becomes a marketing product all on its own.

What you want to do next is set up advertising for your article as if you are marketing an eBook or any other digital product and make sure that there are as many groups as conceivable reading your writing. So how do you publicize your own articles?

One way to do it is by submitting your articles to hundreds of directories that contain articles and thousands of ezine publishers. If you need quick publicity, you can get your article catalogued in search engines in as little as one day, by paying for the article submission service or using good article submitter software. You will get a wider dispersion in a short period of time this way.

What if you don't write any articles, but have been actively posting in forums? Well, it is possible to use bits and pieces of the postings and turn them into articles. For example, post a question like "how do you get top positioning in the search engine?"

Then, when you get enough responses, compose the answers and pen some written information based on the information you have. Next, give it an appealing header for the article such as "Top 7 Sure-fire Directions to Attain Top Search Engine Rankings in Little under a Week."

Include a short promotion about you in the author by-line and Presto! You've got an article. You have got your own product. Of course, you will wont to commonly make an image to go with your article cover (like most eBooks normally have), and increase the feeling of having a 'sincere' product, and you can even turn a few of your articles into a short story. And guess what? Many people create images for there reports. You should also do the same too.

Now, could you easily create a 500-word article? How fast can you pen a 500-word article? Could you write more than one 500-word article? Consider it. As you can see I have just created a product of my own and you have finished observing it in little then 3 minutes. Is this article a great product? You can be the magistrate, but what's weightier is that I've already successfully marketed "my own product" to you. Haven't I?

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Author Resource : Uchenna Ani-Okoye is an internet marketing advisor

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