Taking Time To Step Out Of The Madness - By: Shaun Parker

Description : The way time flies is really unbelievable. Even for those without busy lives, they still lament that they don't know where the time goes to! I'm currently sitting on my sofa writing this article and I can hear the sound of pigeons cooing down the chimney - I only pick up on this sound when spring is on its way and that fact is backed up by all the crocuses out on the roadside yesterday.

How is this possible when it seems like only yesterday that we were snowed in with miserable grey slush and just the day before that I was wrapping the children's Christmas presents? Ok, I exaggerate, but time most certainly does fly - whether you are having fun or not!

For that reason, we need to take some time out and make the most of the spare moments that we have. In fact, it takes more than that. It means we have to actively plan and carve time out of our schedules to really appreciate some of the good things in life, If we don't, then before we know it we will be years older and with memories of nothing more than slogging away at everyday life again.

So, how can we do this? First, we need to take a few minutes to gain some perspective on life. Ok, work commitments are important as are the everyday things that we have to do. But just how important are they? Is it not more worthwhile to get them in proportion to actually enjoying a bit of our short time on this earth?

This is the time of year when we are just emerging from a long, cold winter of being stuck indoors. Ok, we will still have some dark days to come but hope is budding after the gloom of the UK winter. The air changes to one that takes on a different aroma. The evenings are most definitely getting lighter -before we know it we will be getting home from work with still some daylight to spare and if that doesn't induce hope of better days ahead then nothing will!

These are the days we need to be embracing - those days that feel they hold such promise. Of course, we could spend every spare moment dashing from pillar to post to get even more done, we could spend it shut away in our offices at work, or we could take just the occasional few hours out.

What would be the point and what would we do with them I hear you ask. Well, for a start it would refresh you, it would make you prioritise your life differently so that you focus on more important things and it would give you a break that felt like a mini holiday.

How could we gain all that in just a few hours? How about a balloon ride? Maybe not something you have considered before but if you're going to grasp a little time just for you and your loved one then you really need to get away from it all and the quickest and easiest way to do that is by going upwards!

Float up in that basket under your balloon and feel the stillness of the air, hear nothing but the sweet sound of birds, look down on the glorious British countryside stretching out before you and simply step out of that rat race for a brief time. You will be able to breathe once again. You will be able to focus and remember just what it is like to be you for a while. You will have the opportunity on your balloon ride to view the most perfect sunrise or sunset and be invigorated for your hectic life once again.

It may seem like a strange idea to those who hadn't previously considered it, but where else can you go to get away from the hustle and bustle that doesn't require you spending several hours wading through it first?

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Author Resource : Shaun Parker is a life coach with many years of experience in the area of self help. Find out more about balloon rides at http://www.balloonsafaris.co.uk