Wedding Photography -- Also Hiring A Videographer To Capture Your Big Day - By: Christine OKelly

Description : Capturing the emotions of a marriage ceremony and the celebration that follows helps to document the event in order to reminisce and savor it later. Traditionally, wedding photographers have played an integral role in recording the spontaneous emotions of the respective parties and guests. Over the past few years, hiring a professional videographer to chronicle the day has become popular. The price of the equipment has declined, leading to lower hiring costs. Plus, the ceremony and reception can be recorded in different formats, including DVD, Blue Ray, or HD (high definition) DVD.

Today, we'll explain some of the factors you'll need to keep in mind when hiring a videographer for your big day. We'll explore why hiring a friend or family member isn't wise and whether your videographer can work smoothly with your wedding photographers.

The Drawbacks Of Choosing A Friend

If your budget is severely limited, hiring a friend to video your ceremony may be your only cost-effective option. That said, it's worth noting that a professional will use the highest-quality equipment and have an intimate understanding about the placement of multiple cameras and microphones. If you hire a friend to do the job, you might be forced to sacrifice the quality of the video as well as the storytelling element. Even worse, a friend may not know how to stay out of your wedding photographers' way while filming.

Clearing The Path Before The Event

Some venues will have strict rules against filming inside their buildings. Before you hire your videographer, call each of the locations that will be hosting you, your party, and your guests. For example, plan to speak with the church at which your ceremony will be held, the restaurant that will host your rehearsal dinner, and the reception hall. Get written permission from each of them.

Book An Early Reservation

There are more professionals who offer wedding photography services than there are those who provide videography. As a result, it's not uncommon for a talented videographer to be booked for several months in advance. Reserve their services early. Also, keep in mind that each venue will offer different acoustics, light, and space. Unlike wedding photographers who can easily move around a floor to capture the best shots, some of the equipment that videographers use will be stationary. The earlier you can book their services, the earlier they can explore the venues they'll be working in. That way, they can identify the best places to set up their equipment.

Can They Work Together?

Wedding photographers want to capture perfect moments. In order to do so, they watch for ideal positioning that provides them with photojournalistic opportunity. A videographer has similar goals. The best moments on video erupt from spontaneity and require quick movement in order to take advantage of them. If the professionals whom you hire are unaccustomed to working with each other, their respective goals can cause problems. As soon as you book their services, encourage them to contact one another so they can plan a strategy for staying out of each other's way.

The Ideal Choice

A lot of wedding photographers work with the same videographers on a regular basis. As a result, they've developed a strategy that allows each to do their jobs well without affecting the other person. In fact, some wedding photography companies can provide teams that handle both tasks fluidly. They can visit the church, restaurant, and reception hall ahead of time and formulate a plan that allows them to tell their respective stories in a way that complements each other. When the time comes to hire your wedding photographers and videographer, you'll have the comfort of knowing that they're documenting one of the most important events in your life with the quality you deserve.

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