2009 Lanzarote Villa Holidays - By: Roger Munns

Description : The island of Lanzarote is thought to be some 35 million years old, volcanic in origin, and provides todays holidaymaker with a vacation that can be both relaxing and fascinating.

Today, Lanzarote is full time home to nearly 200,000 people and is one of the best holiday destinations in Europe for both the summer and winter.

Over a million people a year visit Lanzarote in search of a warm, tropical atmosphere. They are rarely disappointed and a high percentage return for second, third and more holidays in Lanzarote.

Lanzarote, at 37 miles long and 12 miles wide, has much to offer visitors of all ages. Due to the location of the island and volcanic eruptions as recent as the 19th century, people often describe parts of the island as lunar. Some say it gives them the feeling of being in another world. Families with small children find this an exciting way to teach their children about the planets and how each area of a planet can differ from others.

Some of Lanzarote's most stunning features are its naturally formed volcanic tunnels and caves. The longest and most famous volcanic tunnel in the world is Lanzarote's Atlantida Tunnel. The Atlantida Tunnel is more than four miles long and includes La Cueva de los Verdes and Jameos del Agua.

La Cueva de los Verdes was created from the eruption of La Corona. In 1964, Jesus Soto, a master architect, designed lighting that would enhance the natural beauty of the caves. The gentle, ambient lighting is accentuated by the equally fitting music that accompanies it. Deep inside the cave, an auditorium has been created to offer music lovers an acoustically amazing concert venue.

Some of Lanzarote's beaches have darkly coloured sand due to the island's volcanic origins. However, the island still has several beautiful white sand beaches.

Strictly enforced building regulations have helped maintain the beautiful beaches and landscapes on Lanzarote. The same regulations ensure that there are no annoying billboards or high-rise buildings.

The island's tallest building is the 17-story Grand Hotel in Arrecife. Because no other building is nearly as tall, the hotel offers spectacular views in every direction. The top floor is home to a restaurant overlooking the ocean and the town of Arrecife.

Hotels in Lanzarote are often booked months in advance. Around some of the most popular resorts, other accommodation is readily available but are also often booked months in advance. Privately owned villas and apartments offer the tourist more privacy than most hotels.

Renting a privately owned villa offers added flexibility for large families or groups.

Some villa owners also understand the importance of taking the four-legged family members on vacation. More hotels and resorts are becoming tolerant of pets every year, but some require the pet to be kenneled when the owner isn't with it. Privately owned villas often include rentals that welcome the family pet.

Renting a privately owned villa is just as simple as renting a hotel room. Many villa owners advertise online. The owner probably will require a deposit, but it may not be as expensive as the deposit required by hotels or resorts.

Villas often offer a private pool, something that can be very important for families with children.

Renting a villa also offers the choice of renting in a populated city with all the comforts of home or in a rural area with more privacy. Renting a villa or apartment in a city leaves the option for a rental car to the vacationer's discretion. Supermarkets, shopping and other attractions are within walking distance from some villas. However, renting a villa in a more rural setting may require the additional price of a rental car.

But it's normally straightforward enough, and certainly a Lanzarote villa holiday might be worth considering for this year's holiday.

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Author Resource : Villa holiday details for Lanzarote are available with yourlanzarote.net - also available are Algarve villa holidays

Renting a villa between 4, 6 or 8 people can add up to a surprisingly cheap Lanzarote holiday in these economically challenging times.