How to Choose Wholesale Merchandise That Makes Money - By: William Doggett

Description : What is it that you are looking for to sell? Do you want to sell an item online that is specific? Or, do you even care; as long as you can get going online selling something, anything?

I know how you feel. I have been there. I have had successes and failures and have learned much from these endeavors.

How and Where Do I Find Wholesale Merchandise?

This is the biggest question asked of all of those desiring to kick off an ecommerce web-store selling something that either interests them or seems to be a hit on the Internet. Your hunt for that wholesale merchandise is the test because there are so many scammers and unfavorable middle-men out there that are willing to squeeze every red cent out of the unknowing entrepreneur.

My first suggestion to you is to explore the Google and Yahoo search engines thoroughly. You may discover quite a few suppliers. Always email them, or call them. You should verify that they are legit and are receptive. Imagine becoming involved with a supplier of wholesale merchandise and not being able to communicate with them, and I can promise you from experience, you will need to be able to swiftly contact your supplier often.

You should think of being involved with a wholesale merchandise supplier as a relationship. This is something that you will cultivate over time. Your sales representative for the company you do business with will be someone that you should be able to communicate easily with. There should be no problems in contacting them. This is very important when finding your supplier.

There is nothing more difficult than finding a legit wholesale merchandise drop-shipper or wholesaler online through simple search engine exploration. My advice to you is to go through a service that supplies a list of wholesalers. Again, you should find one that is reputable. You can verify how reputable a company is by checking the Better Business Bureau website, or by simply calling them and asking a few questions.

Legitimate businesses should always have phone numbers and representatives to answer them or contact you back in a reasonable amount of time. Your questions should be answered and not ignored or talked around. Be persistent, this is your future we are discussing. Understand, they are the employee and should be trying to earn your business and not the other way around.

What Sort of Wholesale Merchandise Should I Sell?

This is a personal question more than anything. To give you an answer, let me tell you a bit about my own beginnings and how I made that decision. I will not tell you that my first business was my best decision, but I made it work, with a huge amount of work. Ecommerce is not a kick back and relax and let your computer do everything type of business. It is hard work that requires desire, persistence and a devoted work ethic.

When you look to find the desired product to sell, there are many things you must weigh before diving in. I could not begin to list everything in a single article. This is something that you must research deeply. Finding the right wholesale merchandise is the most important task involved in online sales. Do not take it lightly.

My Experience

I started a knife shopping website a few years ago. I chose pocket knives as my wholesale merchandise because of my personal interest. There are many pros and cons to my choice and my lack of research made promoting and continuing my business very difficult and extremely challenging.

Being that I enjoy collecting pocket knives, it is easy for me to build my business and grow my reputation as an expert because I have quite a bit of knowledge about pocket knives. I enjoy researching, collecting and writing about knives; so those tasks are enjoyable. This is a major pro when choosing your product line.

However, to be honest, selling pocket knives online is very demanding. I never considered such things as like how collectors like to handle the blade and weight of the knife in their hand. They like to look the knife over for defects and such. This is obviously impossible to do online and can put a stall on sales if the buyer does not know the product that well.

I will not tell you that my choice of wholesale merchandise was a mistake as my business is flourishing, but I have to be honest and say that the competition is ferocious and keeping this business on top is quite the challenge. There are many pocket knife vendors online and many of them are quite savvy online business people. That makes the fight to stay on top and ranked well very challenging. Consider this when choosing your wholesale merchandise.

My Advice

Select wholesale merchandise that you take pleasure in and that you have researched. Examine the competition. Take a good look at their websites. Check out how they rank in the search engines. Email them and ask questions about their products. Subscribe to their newsletter or mailing list. Learn and then learn some more before diving in.

With all of the above in mind, you should do well in choosing your wholesale merchandise. Take your time and enjoy it, that is key to success.

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