Five Things Successful Affiliate Mentors Know About Maintaining a Downline - By: James Slader

Description : Finding and maintaining a downline team is one way to build your affiliate income faster. With a quality team in place, you can put part of your affiliate program on autopilot. Your team is doing some of your work for you.

However, there is work you must do to get them to this stage. The returns, in terms of increased income, are worth your investment in your team. Therefore, here are five things that successful affiliate mentors know about maintaining a downline:

They know that Regular Communication is Key

There is much competition out there in affiliate programs. It's not enough to encourage someone to join your downline and then leave them to their own resources. The best affiliate programs encourage communication between program managers, team leaders, and downline members.

You as a team leader or mentor should communicate regularly with your downline. When you do, two things happen. First, individual members will recognize that you have an interest in their success. Second, they will then work harder for themselves, of course, but also for you. The result is a growing business for both of you.

Strive to communicate with your downline members once a week. This will probably be via e-mail. Of course, you can intersperse other forms of communication as appropriate. Choose to communicate, and make it a scheduled event like any other affiliate marketing function.

They Know that Downline Members Want and Need the Latest

Again, it bears repeating, there's a lot of competition in affiliate programs. You deceive yourself if you think your downline are not involved in more than one program. You also deceive yourself if you think they are not looking constantly for the next great program.

How does this affect you? It affects you in the sense that you have to remain relevant to your downline team. That means passing on information regularly to your team.

Do you know of a good article-marketing program your downline should check out? Then pass that on to them. Do you have article writing and article submission software they may find helpful? Pass that along too. Are their reports on product upgrades they should know about? Send them along.

Keep your downline in the know so they don't pack up and go. You lessen affiliate marketing attrition when your downline sees you as their best resource.

They Know That Pie In The Sky Promises Diminish Credibility

Don't fall into this trap as an affiliate mentor. Present your opportunity to interested individuals realistically. Yes, trumpet the benefits of your program. Alternatively, make it clear that your program requires sustained effort. Let each person know that your program is not a get rich quick scheme.

If an interested party asks you why your program pays less commission than another, answer them truthfully. Let them know why you feel yours will give them lasting earning power though. Don't evade questions or shade the truth. Give the facts; let them decide. This ensures they will not have unrealistic expectations of your program.

Promises made that are unachievable can do you much harm. Word will get around that the best affiliate program out there isn't yours. That can definitely hamper your income growth.

They Know That Downline Members Are More Than Commission Statistics

Do you find yourself looking at tracking statistics for dollars earned via each downline member? There's nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is when you fail to see the human being behind the statistic.

Sure, you want a downline to help you make money. Your downline wants a downline for the same reason. What does that mean? It means that you have shared goals. It's as if you are members of the same company striving to sell to further corporate goals.

In essence, you are part of the same organization. Treat your downline members as a human resource manager does. See the individuals behind the numbers and converse with them accordingly. This can even be on matters unrelated to affiliate marketing. A quick e-mail asking how things are and encouraging feedback from them works.

They Know That a Certain Amount of Attrition Is a Fact

Therefore, they keep a pipeline of prospects. This is being realistic. They know that no matter what they do some downline members will leave. This causes an affiliate leader to be always recruiting. You will maintain a significant downline team if you do not rest on your laurels. Plain and simple, always be on the lookout for new members to help you grow your business.

To succeed as an affiliate marketer and mentor consider the above points. Reevaluate your take on each of them and adjust your approach to them accordingly. In doing, you will build a downline that's inspired to stay with you for the long haul.

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