Create A Mural In Your Home - By: Victor Epand

Description : How can you create a mural that looks hand painted on your wall without a single drop of paint? Try the new thin as paint mural transfers that you simply rub on your wall.

Create fabulous murals by rubbing mural transfers on your walls. Like a tattoo for your walls, these thin as paint murals are a cinch to put up and no removal is necessary. They can be simply painted over. They can go on flat or textured walls. Search on-line for wall transfers or mural transfers. Make sure you order one that says it is as thin as paint, not a vinyl sticker, if you want the look of a hand painted mural.

When you receive your mural open it up. Cut out around separate mural design elements. Keep the backing paper in place, because you can tape the sheets together in a non-design place, until you decide on the placement. When you have the design exactly where you want it, remove the protective backing paper and smooth the transfer against wall with your hand. Starting at a corner of the design, rub design firmly with enclosed applicator tool. As you rub, pay extra attention to edges and small parts.

Start peeling away transfer sheet and check the transfer progress as you go. You can put the transfer sheet back over the design and smooth your hand over the mural to make sure it is completely bonded to the wall. On textured surfaces, use your palm to easily press into any grooves in your wall. Leave the backing paper on until you have the design exactly where you want to transfer it.

Take a little time to plan where you want to put the mural. Some murals will come as elements that you cut out and space however you would like in your room. Larger murals will come in large pieces, and they will fit together like puzzle pieces and will tell you which piece to put up first then each piece will fit into place. You can see through the transfer paper, so they are quite easy to line up.

If this is a design that needs to be straight, then you will need to get out your trusty level. It will make all the difference in the world if you take the time to do this. Level marks will be printed on designs that need leveling, so you can line the mural up easily with a level mark on your wall. You do not want to tape a design onto a section of mural that has already been rubbed on the wall. Removing the tape could pull up the design.

Remove the backing paper and smooth the mural onto the wall from the center out with your hands, which will eliminate any air pockets. However, if you do get a small bubble, you can usually just press it down. If you have any larger air pockets, then simply prick with a pin to let air out and smooth down. The murals are self sealing and any pinpoint will not be visible. Start rubbing in a corner of the design as you gently pull away the transfer sheet. Pay extra attention to any edges or small parts of designs. You can check your progress as you lift the sheet.

If you see that a bit of the design does not transfer, then just place the sheet back in place and rub again. You can tape the transfer sheet to the wall so it does not shift while you are rubbing the image. Do not lift the transfer sheet completely off until you see that it has transfered completely. After you have transfered the design, place the empty transfer sheet back down over transfered image and smooth over the entire design to ensure a complete bond to the wall.

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