Article Marketing - It's Not Increasing My Search Engine Placement - By: Matt Bacak

Description : I am so frustrated trying to get this to work. What is the best way to increase your rank in the search engines? I tried accomplishing this through article marketing, but it doesn't seem to be working. Are press releases for important? I do not have PR Web direct.

Answer: Article marketing can be frustrating at the beginning because articles are a 30 to 90 day deal. They take a little while to get momentum going. Right now you may not see many results from articles, but six months to a year from now you will reap the benefits of your articles. So be patient. Article marketing is still an effective strategy.

Also do you have links in your articles? In your articles make sure that you have links back to your site. These links will help pull you up in the search engines.

The best way to get up in the search engines is to think about it like this. In the Presidential race, the candidates campaign for not only votes from the general public, but from the electoral college as well. The same applies to your search engine. This means that links pointed to your sites are votes from the general public. The more links to your website, the more votes you have.

In this case the electoral college is finding sites that have high Google Page Rank. You need to go to Google and download the Google Toolbar. This toolbar will enable you to find out the Google Page Rank for sites. Every page of every site has its own page rank.

Why is page rank important? Google measures the importance of the website. The higher the Google Page Rank, the more important the site, and the more important the "vote". High page rank sites would be the electoral college. So the goal is to get links back to your site from the high page rank sites. The key is to look for high quality links that point back to your website.

Following are other ways you can improve your search engine ranking:
1. Press releases will increase your search engine ranking. You can use PR Web direct to accomplish this task.

2. You can buy links on ebay and linkadage. On eBay you just search for "page rank" and you want to find sites with high page rank.

3. You can use directories. A great resource that can help you get website traffic through web directories is at directory maximizer. This is a great way to generate leads and increase your page rank by submitting your high quality website description to over 600 different directories. This website is used by a lot of top Internet marketers.

Before you use this website you need to create descriptions that will grab the reader's attention. Then you submit these descriptions to these 600 web directories such as the web directory called DMOZ.

In order to generate the best results by submitting your website to these online directories you have to create five different titles and descriptions. Why? You need five because you want them to be rotated so you avoid any duplicate content issues. Then you can have Directory Maximizer manually submit your website to over 830 different directories for you. This saves you a great deal of work. At a little cost per directory submission.

If you had to manually submit your website to 830 directories it could take you up to 52 hours. This company will do it for you at a rate of less than $1.70 per hour. I used them for every single one of my websites and highly recommend them. Doing every website may be costly, but it was worth it for me.

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