Tenerife Welcomes New Holiday Resort Upgrade - By: Roger Munns

Description : One of Tenerife's major resorts is receiving millions of Euros in grants and government money to bring it up to date and allow the town to compete on an equal footing with other holiday destinations in Europe.

Puerto de la Cruz is located on the north coast of the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands. It was a major tourist resort long before the 1950s boom in tourism swept the Canaries by storm. During the 19th century physicians in England and the Netherlands recommended their patients seek the warmth of Puerto de la Cruz for the winter to promote good health. Some of the oldest hotels in the area date back to this type of early tourism.

Because of its humble beginnings as a resort and fisherman's haven, Puerto de la Cruz still holds to its historic values. Much of the town is just as it has been for more than a century. The core of the town still holds its old town appeal, although modernisation has played its part on the outskirts. The older parts of town are a gentle reminder of the past. Many old colonial buildings and homes with distinctive balconies line the cobbled streets.

Happily this historic appeal will not be lost among the 12 million pound overhaul that is to begin this year. Puerto de la Cruz mayor, Padron Rodriguez, said the money was a 'testament to the significance of the town as a major tourist destination.' He went on to say that the money would 'bring the town up to date following general wear and tear over the last 50 years as a booming tourist hub.'

Due to the year-round mild climate, Puerto de la Cruz is a popular Christmas and New Year holidays destination. Tourists who live in a colder climate often travel to Puerto de la Cruz for a nice change in temperature. Like most popular vacation destinations, Puerto de la Cruz is very well travelled during the summer months. Holidaymakers can enjoy a wide array of cultural events nearly any time of the year.

All Tenerife resorts offer something slightly different from each other, making Tenerife the perfect island location with something for everyone. Self-catering apartments and Tenerife villas offer the freedom to come and go as one pleases. They include a fully functional kitchen with all the comforts of home. Fincas are Canarian country homes that offer more privacy than Tenerife hotels and resorts. Fincas are generally further out in the country, which helps maintain a very peaceful atmosphere. Resorts, holiday rentals and hotels are plentiful across the island. Most resorts offer inclusive packages that include golf, biking and a multitude of other activities.

Tenerife's local businesses offer many excursions, including helicopter, vehicle and garden tours. Tours include prime destinations, such as the island's capital and other historic architectural areas. Other great attractions include cycling, horse riding, paragliding, off-road four-wheeling and island safaris. Of course since Tenerife is an island, diving is a very big attraction. Water sport enthusiasts will enjoy jet skiing, parascending, sailing, water skiing and wind surfing opportunities.

Many theme parks on Tenerife include animal interaction, water slides, roller coasters and great gift shops. Aqualand has the island's top water attractions. It offers water slides for the adrenaline junky and slow, soothing raft rides through the park for those who love the slower paced, more relaxing rides. Camel Park offers camel rides in the fields surrounding the farm. Jungle Park is one of the larger animal parks. It includes a spectacular aviary show led by an expert team of trainers. The jungle show allows you to closely observe tigers, lions, caymans and monkeys.

Getting away from it all this winter could be a boost for many in need of a good holiday, and Tenerife ticks all the right boxes for a winter holiday.

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