Data Entry Programs - Don't Expect Traditional Data Entry Work - By: Leva Duell

Description : Can you really make thousands of dollars every month processing data entry from home?

Avoid data entry scams. These home typing scams are represented as filling out forms, data entry typing jobs, data entry jobs, data entry typing business opportunities, or freelance data entry jobs.

Here's what they promise you: Choose a product provided in their database, type a short ad promoting that product, and submit that ad. The companies selling these products will then pay you for simply typing a short ad describing their product.

Stay away from anything that has to do with filling out forms to make money. They are not real typing jobs.

Here's what you get: Most of these so called data entry work and typing jobs are affiliate programs disguised as home typing jobs and data entry jobs. You will not get paid for each form you fill out. You only get paid when you sell products.

Have you noticed that when visiting ten or more different data entry job web sites with different urls, you'll find similar content, pictures and income statements? A images of the income statements don't prove anything. Photoshop can do a great job at changing numbers and creating pictures with the seller of the data entry jobs in front of an expensive mansion, car and boat.

What data entry job web sites don't tell you:

You will be typing ads and you will spend advertising fees. You will be entering data into forms to create Google ads, Yahoo ads and other search engines to promote affiliate products.

Each time someone clicks on your ad through those search engines, you'll have to pay a fee, even if the click through does not result in a sale.

How about "typing classified advertisements into online forms"? How do you get paid for those?

Similar to the data entry jobs, you will get a commission when someone buys the products you advertise from ads. Instead of paying advertising, you can post a large amount of free classified ads. You'll spend your time instead of money to promote of the affiliate programs.

There is nothing wrong with promoting affiliate programs but they should not be presented as home typing jobs. And affiliate marketing is not as easy as the data entry work promoters make it sound.

You will not get paid to fill out forms online. Those are not real typing jobs.
You will not get paid to type. You will not be paid hourly or by project. You will spend advertising fees and will be typing ads to promote affiliate products.

Who are the companies you'll be doing the data entry for?

First, you'll become a member of one or more affiliate networks such as Clickbank or other specialized affiliate directories. You don't need to join a data entry site to be able to join affiliate networks. The companies listed in those directories want you to sell their products as an affiliate. The next step is to select products you want to promote. Then, you'll create an affiliate link. Next, you should research what keywords you should use to promote the product. Next, you'll sign up for a Google account ($50), create ads, enter keywords related to the product you're selling, and you'll put your affiliate link in the advertising. Because Google doesn't allow you to put affiliate links anymore in your ads, you now need a domain name and a web site to advertise with Google. Although the data entry job sites will tell you that you don't need a web site, you can do a lot better with affiliate marketing if you have one or more websites. And of course, you'll have to promote your web sites.

In short, you can make money with affiliate promotion but there is a steep learning curve involved. And there is a lot more to it than putting data in forms and buying a data entry job book.

Although promoting affiliate programs is attractive to many people, making money with affiliate programs is NOT easy and there is a steep learning curve.

Be careful with any web site promoting data entry jobs. Real data entry typing jobs are very hard to come by. Typing addresses and printing out labels is usually done by specialized mailing houses who have specialized equipment.

If you want to promote affiliate programs, buy specialized books about affiliate marketing and Google Adwords. But If you are looking for home typing work, avoid the "filling out forms" type of typing work and data entry jobs.

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