Kidman In New Monte Carlo Movie - By: Roger Munns

Description : Nicole Kidman, the epitome of Hollywood glamour and once famously described after a role in a London stage play as 'theatrical viagra' is set to produce and star in a new romantic comedy for the big screen set in Monaco, and titled appropriately enough 'Monte Carlo'.

The new film will offer moviegoers not only Nicole's fantastic acting abilities and beauty, but also the splendor of one of the world's hottest tourist attractions. Directed by Tom Bezucha, filming the adaptation of the comedy novel 'Headhunters' has experienced fits and starts for more than a year prior to Kidman heading off to Monaco recently.

Monte Carlo, known for the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix, the Hotel de Paris in Casino Square and the sandy beaches facing the Mediterranean, will enthrall viewers from around the world as Kidman struts her stuff in her latest role, a romantic comedy about a teacher who takes a vacation with her friends in Paris and ends up pretending to be a wealthy woman vacationing in Monte Carlo.

Monte Carlo is best known for its elegant casinos and glamour, a hot spot for movie stars and tourists since former Hollywood actress Grace Kelly put Monte Carlo and Monaco on the world map. Since then, Monte Carlo and Monaco have become the getaway for the stars, as well as home to celebrities from around the world due in large part to her tax haven status.

Divided into four quarters, Monaco is a tiny principality, the second smallest country in the world, that manages to attract visitors from around the world every year, many who come for business, though the vast majority come to see her pristine beach fronts, to gamble and to enjoy some of the best dining found in the world.

Monaco is home to world class opera and theatre, such as the Grand Theatre de Monte Carlo, as well as the Monte Carlos Masters golf championship, car shows and of course, fashion. As a resort, Monaco and Monte Carlo come in second to none, and were made even more popular with the James Bond films created in the 1960s.

Monte Carlo and Monaco have provided backgrounds and settings for dozens of movies, both those filmed from Hollywood as well as film companies around the world. There's just something special about her sunsets, her streets and her towering cliffs and valleys that captures the eye and transcends borders, especially on film.

So, if there's anything such as a working holiday, Kidman will most certainly make the best of her location shots in Monaco. As a matter of fact, curiosity goers and locals may even spot her, if they're lucky, on the streets or one of Monte Carlo's most famous hotels, the Hotel de Paris in Casino Square. While Monaco, and most particularly Monte Carlo, is no stranger to film cameras, locals and travelers alike are delighted when they're fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of the rich and famous.

The best thing about Monaco, and Monte Carlo in particular, is that there's always something for everyone to occupy their days and nights. Whether its sports, gambling, clubbing or just laying around on the beaches, Monaco treats every tourist to the best it has to offer. Still, Monaco and Monte Carlo are not just a destination for the rich and famous, and more travelers from around the world these days are making the small principality their favorite travel destination as well, thanks to special deals made with airlines and hotel chains around the globe. Dare to exceed your wildest expectations when it comes time to plan your next trip or vacation and check out the wealth of opportunities that both Monte Carlo and Monaco have to offer.

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