From Your Bedroom to Ibiza - DJ Apprenticeship - By: Shaun Parker

Description : We all know that for the majority of us, music is an expression of how we feel or experience that might have arisen in the past.

In Great Britain with street crime at an all time high, troubled youths and kids roaming around most street corners and squares, home never feels safer.

Studies show that the majority of these male or even female youths when put in a room with some decks, mixers and pumping pa equipment find it is a way of letting their built up anger, frustration and plain boredom out in a form of weird and wonderful mixes or noise for some.

These days you can easily get equipment at much affordable prices and with the boom in computer software that allows for creative mixing without the need for hardware such as record decks, cdplayers or mixers.

With this software the djis in full control of all parameters of equalization and is able to load mp3 files from the computer where most people will have a large archive of songs.

Does this mean the end of vinyl mixing? Since the development of dj cd players that can simulate vinyl mixing and allow for the much cheaper format of the cd to be used rather than bulky and expensive vinyl it appears that while there are a few purists out there the majority of djs have changed to cd mixing.

Now available on the market are usb controllers to manipulate software available which widens the gap even further by keeping the cost of dj equipment down since everything is software controlled. With the software you can scratch, loop, effect, reverse and even change the tempo without changing pitch....

This is far more than can be achieved with traditional equipment and also with less space being taken up. It's not surprising then that a shift in the purchase of vinyl decks and cd players for bedroom djs was going to happen. In effect the bedroom dj has never had so good with cost and space being reduced to minimum.

With the growth of sites such as Myspace the bedroom dj now has an outlet for promoting the music being produced and is even capable created a weblog to document their development. Podcasting has been another innovation with the dj able to create his or her own radio station to be uploaded and shared with an online community.

Advances in technology have ensured you can watch and learn about the equipment from your own home, this means expensive tuition is no longer needed and for those looking for a real career in music there are many different opportunities available and whats more these are developed from your own bedroom.

Also there have been huge reductions in the cost of equipment ever the past five yours with most of the DJ products now being manufactured in China instead of Japan, again this ensures that it is not just within the grasp of the well off homes but now any child can shape their destiny.

The new age means that computer interaction is very much a part of school life and the new kit interacts completely with the home computer. USB devices are plug and play and almost anything musical or for that matter visual can now be controlled and enhanced from your desktop or laptop.

Over the next few years the world of music will have a new breed of expertise, the dj, the lighting technician and the mixing technician will be people who started off in their bedroom. Places such as Ibiza and nightclubs around the world will be the destinations for these kids, even radio and television and of course the world is truly their oyster.

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Author Resource : Shaun Parker has worked around the world as a professional DJ but life was hard when he started. Now you can get the best DJ equipment in seconds from online shops such as DJ Equipment and be using it in the bedroom the next day.