Bed Mats To Wheel Covers - Ideas For Your Truck Loving Guy - By: Andy West

Description : Buying a gift for your truck-obsessed man (or woman) can be difficult, but from bed mats to wheel covers, we've put together a list of great gift ideas that will win his heart and be sure to let him know that you really do understand his passion for his truck or SUV. Set his pulse pounding with any one of these great accessories for his pride and joy and you can't go wrong!

Wheel covers or rims are one of the most popular ways men personalize their rides. If he's been drooling over the chrome rims he sees on his friends' trucks or SUV's, you can be sure he wants a set of his own. Either take him on a shopping spree or talk to one of his closest friends, who can no doubt steer you in the direction of the style your guy has been checking out. As an alternative, consider a gift certificate for a good online auto accessories store so he can order exactly what he wants.

Bed mats protect his pickup truck bed from chips, dents and damage from rust and the weather. You can shop around to find custom contoured versions that are designed for his make and model of truck that fit over the wheel wells or find bed mats that can be trimmed to fit. Either way, he'll appreciate your thoughtfulness in wanting to protect the value and appearance of his truck. A bonus for you is that when he's hauling something for you, it will be protected from shifting and possible damage by the skid-resistant and cushioning qualities of bed mats.

Hood ornaments these days are incredibly beautiful and come in more styles than ever. Is he an avid fisherman? Hunter? Does he love a particular sports team? There are hood ornaments for all of these and more, including lovely replicas of antiques ornaments from the golden era of vehicles from the 1920's to the 1950's.

Tonneau covers are another way to protect the bed of a pickup truck that also protects the cargo. These are sometimes called truck bed covers and are basically a lid that goes over the truck bed and tailgate. There are lots of styles to choose from, ranging from very basic models to heavy duty locking ones. Compare models and prices to determine what you think your guy will like. Prices vary on these quite a bit, so keep your budget in mind. Like bed mats, these protect truck beds from the elements but have the added advantage of covering whatever is inside so no one can get to it. They also reduce drag and improve a truck's energy efficiency - not a bad little gift for anyone who owns a truck these days.

Seat Covers give any truck or SUV added flair and comfort. Look for seat covers that match the recipient's personality. There is also the added benefit of comfort while driving with padded seat covers. Materials should be practical, sturdy and the kind he'll want to sink into for hours on the road. You can order custom seat covers or universal covers that slip on and snug to fit for a great custom look without the higher price tag.

Neon Kits are the gift of choice for the guy who wants his truck or SUV to stand out in a crowd, especially after dark. So, if you really want to light up his life and his truck, consider giving him a neon under car kit in a hot color like purple or red so no one will miss him when he cruises down the street.

If you stick with this gift list, you'll have his birthday, Christmas and even some other occasions covered. Not to mention the fact that when his friends see his new bed mat, wheel cover or hood ornament, they'll know he has the most awesome girlfriend around.

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