Million Reasons For A Lanzarote Vacation - By: Roger Munns

Description : Lanzarote could be heading for a million visitors during 2008 - quite a feat considering much of Europe and the UK is in economic trouble and overseas travel is being cut by quite a few families.

The UK and Germany are both main markets for Lanzarote tourism, and while the British economy stalled to flat line in the last quarter, Germany's economy actually dropped and is facing a real recession in the year ahead.

Making the number of visitors to Lanzarote this year even more remarkable is the fact that the Euro - which Lanzarote uses - has gained in strength against the British pound, with British holidaymakers having to find some ten per cent extra spending money compared to recent years just to have the same spending money on holiday as before.

Due to the location of Lanzarote, the island benefits from year round tourism, and unlike some of the Spanish islands doesn't just see holidaymakers for five or six months a year - sea temperatures reach about 75 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months and 63 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter, with many tourists holidaying over Christmas and New Year, and some retirees opting to spend a month or more away from a British or German winter in the warmer climes of Lanzarote.

One thing Lanzarote doesn't have to worry about when tourists leave the island is whether they will remember it or not - its volcanic history has left a landscape that some describe as 'lunar' - and love it or hate it the memories of a Lanzarote holiday are unlikely to be muddled with another destination. Quite an advantage for when people are considering a return visit - and repeat tourism is the magic ingredient in making a location popular year in year out.

Lanzarote holidays appeal to both families and to retired couples, many of whom take more than the traditional week or two with time spent in Lanzarote to escape their winters back home, and for those with families Lanzarote does offer a good number of attractions to keep children happy.

The Guinate Tropical Park and Penguin Paradise near Haria offers a very unique array of wildlife. The penguin enclosure, Penguin Paradise is a spectacle in itself. The underwater viewing pool gives visitors the unique experience of seeing the behaviour of penguins while they are underwater. It's great for children to see how these incredible birds behave in their natural habitat.

For anyone considering visiting Lanzarote for the first time, and worried that the island might be overdeveloped, the good news is that strictly enforced building regulations have helped maintain the beautiful beaches and landscapes on Lanzarote. The same regulations ensure that there are no annoying billboards or high-rise buildings.

And when considering which area of the island to stay in, Costa Teguise is the smallest of the three large resorts on Lanzarote. It is about 6 miles northeast of the capital city Arrecife. The entire resort is built on former lava fields and saltpans. The resort consists of several apartment blocks, bungalows and villas. Primary attractions are the golf course, a marina, commercial shops and entertainment. Many visitors enjoy the water park in the outskirts of the resort.

Often regarded as more upmarket, Playa Blanca was once a small fishing port. In recent years it has developed into the second largest resort on Lanzarote. Playa Blanca is very popular with families due to its size and many family-friendly beaches. Two more beaches were recently added to Playa Blanca to help make up for the lack of space on the main central beach. Along the nicely manicured streets you will find several shops, restaurants and clubs. The resort offers many sports and attractions for guests of all ages.

But if it is a first time visit to Lanzarote you are considering, beware - judging by the number of people who return time and time again it might end up as one of your favourite holiday destinations too!

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