How Can We Help The Youth Of Today - By: Catherine Harvey

Description : It has to be said that the youth of today are unlike any other generation that has gone before them. They are physically growing at a pace never before seen and the average teen is head and shoulders above what they were thirty years ago. They are also developing and reaching into puberty much earlier than previous generations. However, while most of them look like adults by the age of thirteen, this doesn't give them the mental maturity to deal with all this throws at them.

Facilities for young people are not what they used to be and undue restrictions are imposed so that normal development is difficult. For many of us, growing up was a huge learning curve of excitement mixed with disappointment, scrapes and bruises healed with smelly iodine and back chat that was greeted with a back hander from an adult. I, for one, have to say this did us no harm.

Today's youth are growing up in a world that is so compensation crazy that their learning curves are straightened into soft, fluffy, cushiony pathways where people speak gently and soothingly and they have no adversity to learn any lessons by. At the end of that pathway, they are launched full pelt into an adulthood that in no way resembles their earlier years. And all this is our own doing so is it any wonder they struggle like they do?

Perhaps we would do well to give the youth of today some credit and maybe a helping hand that doesn't 'do it all for them' but helps them find the right path through life to become reasonable, responsible adults? This is possible in various ways.

Firstly, as their guides, we have their education in our hands. Some parents push their children into going away to university or college and other children willing go. Whichever way they end up there, it is damn hard work and despite all the stories of partying they still have lonely moments, thrust into the world of coping by themselves and working towards their degrees and their futures.

In France, there is a shortage of accommodation for students and this is the first struggle they have when leaving home to further their education. To this end, the government are lending them, and investors, a helping hand with the French leaseback scheme. Among other types of accommodation, the French leaseback scheme helps people invest in a property that will house one or more students throughout the duration of their education.

Providing the accommodation consists of certain facilities such as laundry and reception facilities, a property can be purchased under the French leaseback scheme in such a way that all the tax can be claimed back on the purchase price and also the accounts can be dealt with in such a way that all income can be offset and the rental income has much greater potential than a simple buy to let scheme.

With this in mind anyone, French or otherwise, who has the means, can purchase a property that can be let out to students and earn themselves a respectable income without actually having to live in the country. Management rates are reasonable so looking after the property is not an issue. Tax can be recouped and an income is secured.

This is one good way where we can support the youth of today and actually show them some backing. The French leaseback scheme is one that other countries Government's would do well to take on board. When young people leave home and take on the world as well as doing what they can to boost their education, ensuring there is a safe home for them during that time is a good start for them.

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Author Resource : Education expert Catherine Harvey looks at the way the French leaseback scheme is a good way for investors to help young people.