China As Seen By Marco Polo - By: Derek Dashwood

Description : The China that Marco Polo and his father and uncle saw was amazing even to approach it from out of the west as they had done. Even though the Polo family essentially walked with their pack animals from the edge of the Black Sea to Beijing, Marco never mentions the Great Wall of China, which had some scholars doubt his other wise mad seeming tales. But the many silk robes he wore told of riches and in a far away land of sweet sophistication as to virtually defy the ability to describe to one who has not also experienced such divine splendor.

It remains a mystery that Marco and his family could walk for thousands of miles along a trade route just inside the Great Wall, and yet in all his words, Marco makes no mention. It had no material value, and that may be as simple a reason as any why he makes no mention when his eyes behold also sillks to make him a wealthy man if he negotiates with care and good will. The vast land from the Black Sea lifts up into high plateau and desert north of the great bulge of the earth around the Himalayan Mountains.

This dangerous lawless place now as then was a formidible upward hike in behind the spine of the Himalayas. And then up on the Tibetan Plateau was the gradual desent down into the desert. The Gobi Desert is advancing into fertile valleys at the present. China these days is planting millions of trees to try to halt the general global warming that makes the deserts natural attempt to expand eastweard with the winds. Marco and his family would have walked thousands of miles in high plateau and burning desert until they were near the coast at Beijing.

The Forbidden City with Tiannamen Square was the center of the Middle Kingdom. Marco referred to the people of China as the Tiannamen. Perhaps his pronunciation was closer than ours, in at least that we all seem to agree on how to name Tiannamen Square as the testing ground for the Chinese glorious civilization. Modern China is being created while we buy modern and China glorifies its future, this should be your chance to get ahold of this freight train. China is building the blueprint for its future wealth and prosperity as no nation before.

Socialism with State capitalist control seems to be a planned trajectory for success. And this creates opportunity for you, Marco. Buy their antiques, not their lead lined modern, as investment not consumption. While China furiously builds its future based more solidly now on sales to their own as much as to us, we should look ahead of this curve. For this is a curve of destiny that could have your success emblazoned. Consider that perhaps two hundred million young consumers in China were Sam or Susie Wong to you or I, and a decade from now our Sams or Susies have now lifted themselves from middle income to upper income, or your Chinese antiques shop customer, you know, those Chinese antiques shop Mings and things you bought low, sweet chariot of wise mercy. Who could have guessed? You, that's who.

And how her interests may surge for more respect for her heritage as a way to feel a freedom higher than the goernment monitored gadgets. Our Susie by the millions may want to buy back to the future, as you are doing now. When she finds that some wise investor owns her great aunties Mings and things, and that buyer is - you. Ask her to remove her shoes before you shush her over to your Ming mantle shrine. Buy low now, sweet chariot of mercy. Hang in and let inflation do its thing. This is your hedge fun fund game, Marco, and you decide by how much you win.

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