New Car Models For 2009 - By: Catherine Harvey

Description : When it comes to buying a used car, the best time of year to do so is just after people have updated to this year's models. That way you get a car that is virtually new and has had all its little teething problems ironed out in the first year. You also get it at a drastically reduced price to what the original owners would have paid given that new cars loose a great deal of their value the minute they are driven off the forecourt.

For those looking for a used BMW, I suggest you hang on a few months. BMW have released details of their 2009 model to give all those who want an update a little taster. This means that between now and the actual release date, their appetite would have been whetted and you will have a whole new range of used BMW's opened up to you.

New BMW owners will be treated to the new BMW 3 Series with 414 horsepower and V8 engine with all the performance of a race car. Available in coupe, convertible or sedan models this new car has some elegantly understated styling with just a few visible quirks such as red and blue stitching on the steering wheel. To be fair though, it certainly looks a beast from the outside. With its extra big wheels and bulging vented hood you just know it's going to be a bit of an animal.

With this on the market shortly, it will free up plenty of last years BMW's to the second hand car market. Used BMW's that are only one year old will flood the market and be available for anyone touched by the credit crunch or indeed, for anyone not wishing to pay the extortionate prices of a new car.

If BMW is not your thing, try an Audi. New or used, Audi are renowned for their reliability, comfort, smooth ride and luxury status. The new Audi RS6 sedan looks pretty compact but hides a twin turbo, five litre V10 engine with 580 horsepower and 479lb - ft of torque. The release of this vehicle, first in the US but bound to make its way across Europe and onto our streets, will free up a plethora of used Audi onto the used car dealer forecourts so be ready to bag yourself a bargain if Audi is to your taste.

If you are more concerned than ever about the environment, you could always opt for a Honda. Their 2009 release was recently spotted out in the desert being tested. Looking more like something from the 'Back to the Future' movies, the Honda Civic is the latest is a line of much improved hybrids. It is expected to undercut both its own Civic Hybrid and also the Prius in the price wars so should prove popular to many. Due to hit showrooms in late 2009, Honda expect to sell 200,000 of their new cars straight off. In theory, this then puts 200,000 used cars out on the market.

As much as we would all love a brand, spanking new car, reality hits home with the majority of us. There are a select group of salary owners that can really afford their own, fully paid up new car. The rest of us will get by on company cars or used cars. But this isn't such a bad thing. We get from A to B and we do it without the expense of a car that has just lost several thousands of pounds by driving one mile down the road. Picking up a used car just after the 2009 models have been released will be a wise investment for many.

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Author Resource : Vehicle expert Catherine Harvey looks at how those looking for a used BMW or any other used vehicle can get a good deal by waiting for new releases.