What Is The Meaning of Success - By: Stephen Campbell

Description : Success - a simple, 7 lettered word which can drive the finest of men crazy! Before you start reading this article, relax. Close your eyes and think: What is the meaning of success for you? Is it buying a house or a car? Is it doing exceptionally well in your career? Is it being famous? Is it making loads of money? Is it making lots of friends? Confused?? Lost?? Puzzled?? Don't be.. its the same with everybody.

We all want to be successful people in life but we don't know what is it which we really crave for? The meaning of success is as diverse as the countless cultures in a cosmopolitan society. You just have to give a little time to your inner self to understand what the meaning of success is, pertaining to your life. I don't guarantee a sure-shot method but trust me, by the time you finish reading this article, you'll at least have and idea of the true meaning of success, which will help you in attaining your goals!!

First of all, you have to realize that the most important thing in your life is Happiness and happiness is a state of mind. You'll never find happiness if you keep chasing it. If you think you want to be happy, you will be happy. Similarly, if you think you'll be successful, you will be successful. Its all about the perspective. You see the world through red colored glass and everything seems rosy. Use a black film to see the world, and you'll discover that the world is a dull and dark place!

Once you are ready to face the world equipped with a positive mindset, ponder on the question: What makes you happy? Is it money? Appreciation? Friends? Career? Family? Don't rush to find out the answer to this question as it's the sole question which describes the quest of your life. Before you answer this question, think why it makes you happy? For example, if you choose money, ask yourself, why you think that money makes you happy? Is it because it leads to the achievement of all the luxuries and helps you lead a good life. Or is it because money can get you in the 'Most-Wanted' list of all your friends? The answer has to be honest. Even if you think it might make you look selfish or stupid, don't manipulate your answer.

If you do so, you'll always see yourself far away from the successful people, admiring them and not among them. In general, meaning of success is nothing but working sincerely towards the achievement of something which brings happiness into your life. When you have candidly investigated your psychology and self image, you will find that you have understood your personal meaning of success. You have discovered the ultimate truth which sometimes remains a mystery even to people who've been researching for their whole lives on the meaning of success.

Success is putting your 100% effort to reach your dreams, attain mental peace and spiritual gratification, being sure of what you want and having respect for yourself and your aspirations.
Success is to fight your fears and learn from your failures. If you lose hope when you fail and stop trying, you are indeed a failure.

But if you learn a lesson from your every failure, and even if you are not able to achieve your goals, you will be successful because at the end of the day you'll be happy that you put all you efforts into it. Success is taking your dreams, adding a cup of hard work, straining out all the failures, mixing the lessons you learnt from your failed attempts, mixing a teaspoon of confidence and garnishing it with a lot of positive attitude.

I hope I have not confused you further with this. To summarize, success is not something you can chase and acquire, to find out the genuine meaning of success, you have to realize your priorities in life, your achievements, what you've been searching for and how you can be happy.

Keep in mind: Success is not the key to Happiness, but Happiness is the key to Success. So, the day you identify your own mantra for happiness, you will be one of the most successful people in life.

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