Let's Play Doctors And Nurses - By: Catherine Harvey

Description : I'm not entirely sure what it is that attracts a person to a uniform but there is something about it. Maybe it's the merging of the sexes that is so prevalent today. Possibly, for women, it is the fact that there are very few masculine men around anymore and to see a large, strapping man in uniform, ready for action, to save and protect, just maybe this is what attracts the typical damsel in distress. Whether it be a doctor ready to dish out his powerful bedside manner and fix you or the burly fireman who throws you over his shoulder in a rescue.

For men, they may be attracted to the sight of a nurses uniform because women are becoming ever more 'blokish' in their ways. Hard drinking, swearing and going all out to be seen as strong and tough as men, the naturally caring and gentle side of a woman is rarely seen these days, unless it's wrapped in a nurses uniform.

Society has blurred the edges of the male and female roles. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for independent women who can hold down a job as complicated as any mans. I don't believe your sex should determine your brain capacity. But it is simply impossible to have everything, for men and women.

Women were suppressed for so long with no rights and being used as virtual servants to men and it took a lot of effort on women's behalf to be taken seriously, to be given rights and independence. But that should still be a choice. Women should not be looked down on if they choose to be stay at home mums. But to be realistic, can they expect to hold down high powered jobs, be a full time mum running their kids to clubs and play dates, be a super hostess for guests and perform gymnastic bedroom antics for their partners?

Men do not do this. They (mostly) delegate the child rearing to the woman, because they are just better at it. He is the main breadwinner, keeping the family in the supplies that they need. After these two basic roles are filled, other responsibilities are shared.

So what is wrong with this? Absolutely nothing if that's what they want. If a woman wants to take on the high flying role of business leader then again she should have that choice. Some of the problem is that society still frowns on this, therefore she cannot be accepted for the way she is but has no choice but to toughen up and become harder, in preparation for the fight to get where she wants.

This hard line taken by many women for equality has led to men being feminised. All it needs is balance, for women to be able to use their attributes without being dumbed down for it and for men to be able to be macho and manly without becoming bullies. That way, the sight of a uniform wouldn't have us all on our knees in admiration and longing.

Of course, there are plenty of people in society quite happy to abuse this imbalance of power to their own advantage. Fire crews in Newcastle have come under criticism for cruising the town centre at night, drawing attention to themselves and picking up women who are going faint at the sight of their uniforms.

And no Saturday night would be complete without a gang of girlies out in the clubs in their fake nurses uniforms, making the guys dribble and fall over each other to gain their attention. I guess it's just human nature to make the best of things even when they have gone so wildly askew.

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Author Resource : Social expert Catherine Harvey looks at the way women always turn into a damsel in distress at the sight of a firemans uniform on or doctors uniform.