Top Ten Wedding Gifts Of All Time - By: Shaun Parker

Description : It is the ultimate gift-buying dilemma, buying for a cou0ple to be married who have not registered for wedding gifts. It need not be with this easy to follow and comprehensive list of the top ten wedding gifts of all time.

In at number 10 are vouchers, the old reliable classic albeit a bit of a cop out. If the couple have not communicated what they want or need, then slip some vouchers into a nice card for a department store or online shop. This will allow the couple to their own wedding gifts and avoid the false smiles while they think to themselves, not another toaster. The down side being that they will be able to tell exactly how much money you spent so you have to be generous!

Number nine we have voted in his and her tattoos. I can see the astonished prudes muttering in disbelief and covering their mouths, but it is a fact that more and more people are declaring their love via skin art. It does not have to be in a prevalent place or particularly large and the days of skull and crossbones are well and truly past. Small permanent symbols of the couples love are fantastic and original wedding gifts although it is not for everyone.

At position 8 in our list of wedding gifts we have selected professional photographs. These can be in many different styles from traditional family portraits to steamy contemporary images. They are a great present for newlyweds because it gives them an alternative to the traditional wedding photos and they can even get some done for their own private collection, if you know what I mean.

Number 7, we have cold, hard cash! Please do not underestimate this as a present, as the average price of a wedding is still creeping up and more people are fleeing the country with all inclusive holiday wedding packages abroad. It is more acceptable in some cultures than others, but after the expense of wedding couples breathe a sigh of relief to open an envelope and find a fat check.

For number 6 we decided on more a gift category than specific wedding gifts; we called it aerial pursuits. This includes things like duel hang gliding, tandem parachute jumps, champagne balloon rides and gliding lessons. These are becoming increasing popular as they are often once in a lifetime experiences, they are expensive though but totally worth it if you can stretch your budget.

In at number 5 is a romantic break. These are lovely wedding gifts for couples as they can use them to get over their post honeymoon blues. Many couples need another break to get over the stress of wedding organisation and if you do your research you need not spend the earth. It is advisable to plan with the couple though, as although surprises are great it is more important that the couple can make the holiday.

Number 4, we have red letter days. This is another wedding gifts category idea, which includes everything from driving a Ferrari for a day to a chocolate making workshop. You can send the couple away for a weekend to be pampered in a spa or for an introduction to falconing. These gifts can suit any budget and are extremely original.

At the business end of our list we have a truly unique idea at number 3. The name a star kit is one of the most affordable and memorable wedding gifts. There is an unfathomable amount of stars without real names as they are only listed with catalogue numbers. This kit allows the couple to name a star after themselves or anything they choose and is a magnificent gift.

Luxury domestic wedding gifts come in at number 2. This all time classic gift idea has routes in biblical traditions where an item for the home brought for the newlyweds. Instead of thinking practically why not purchase a plush rug, a satin bedspread or a unique lamp. These are memorable and exclusive gifts, they never get duplicated and there can be something found for every budget.

The all time greatest wedding gifts is commemorative tableware. Our panel of experts deliberated long and hard about the number one but eventually agreed unanimously that none of us were qualified to knock this legendary gift from its perch. Choose from an array of fantastic crockery, cutlery and decorative tableware for something that will last in the memory of the happy couple

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Author Resource : Shaun Parker is an expert in the selection of wedding gifts and wedding planning with many years of experience as a wedding planner.