Families Will Not Forsake Holiday Time At Top Destinations - By: Roger Munns

Description : A recent survey by the Cooperative Bank reveals extensive summer holiday plans despite poor economic conditions.

Parents report spending nearly 40 pounds more per week during the summer when children are on break from school. The average cost of two annual holidays is 2,190 pounds. British families are planning summertime family holidays with their financial budget in mind. More importantly, they are planning their holiday with the family in mind.

Popular Family Holiday Destinations

* The Balearic Islands: Located in the Mediterranean Sea; Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera are the four largest islands that make up the Balearic Island archipelago. Mallorca is the largest and most popular of the islands, with Menorca a close second on yearly tourism charts. Mallorca and Menorca offer a great deal of hospitality to families, and most restaurants enjoy catering to younger children. Many resorts and hotels on the islands offer programs and clubs to help keep children entertained while parents enjoy the sun and relaxation they deserve.

* The Canary Islands: Located in the North Atlantic Ocean just north of north-western Africa, seven large islands, one small island and several islets comprise the Canary Islands. The most popular of the Canaries are Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Lanzarote. The islands are volcanic in origin and offer a very unique holiday experience.

* Madrid: As the capital of Spain, Madrid has a lot to offer families. It is a city of cultural, political and economic importance. Most major Spanish companies, as well as three of the world's top 100 companies have headquarters in Madrid. The city offers some of the largest libraries, museums, galleries and parks in Spain. Historic landmarks help pinpoint architecture and points of historic interest.

* Barcelona: As home of the 1982 Football World Cup, 1992 Summer Olympics, X FINA World Championships and many other world famous sporting events, Barcelona is a city well-known for sports. Barcelona, like many other parts of Spain, has a rich culture and history. The Port of Barcelona has a history of great commercial importance that stretches back as far as 2,000 years. The city's architecture, both old and new, helps tell the story of the city better than any history book.

* Other destinations in Spain: Tourism research shows that most people who plan Spanish holidays visit Granada, Cordoba, Seville, Salamanca, Valencia and Bilbao. All offer an authentic Spanish experience.

Preparing Children for Holidays

Planning your holiday should be almost as fun as the holiday itself. Keep in mind that children are more easily distracted than adults. They are also often more easily bored than adults. With this in mind, the bus or ship tour you are anticipating may not be as highly anticipated by your child or teenager. Make sure your less-than-interested child or teen takes something along to keep them occupied during the less exciting parts of the trip. This can be anything from coloring books to hand held video games.

Prepare for all types of weather. You may have the perfect beach vacation in mind. Mother Nature may have something entirely different in store for you.

Prepare the family for cooler-than-expected weather, rain or even hotter-than-expected weather. When packing, be sure not to put all of your clothing in one suitcase. Take a carry-on with necessities for a day in case your luggage doesn't arrive on time. Pack any medications you or your family require in your carry-on. If you're traveling with smaller children, pack some interesting toys or coloring materials in a small carry-on for them.

Negotiate your agenda! The best part about a family holiday is time spent together as a family. Involve your children of all ages in every aspect of trip planning. Just as you have specific destinations you'd like to visit, they may too. Have your children make a list of things they would like to do during holiday.

Their input could help add an air of excitement and adventure to your holiday.

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