Tias Lanzarote: A Hub for Tourism - By: Roger Munns

Description : Since the mid 1960s, the Canary Islands have been a much sought-after vacation spot.

Located a mere 62 miles off the African coast in the Atlantic, the islands offer beautiful volcanic scenery, beaches and many water sports. With year-round average temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, they are the perfect winter getaway.

The fourth largest island of Lanzarote, named for its red mountains, will host several of the festival's upcoming concerts. Lanzarote is well known for its picturesque volcanic landscapes. It is perhaps also just as well known for its futuristic appearance and controlled development of wildlife and plant life.

Lanzarote is home to more than 100,000 people and has its own international airport. The island relies on tourism as well as agriculture to maintain its economy. Millions of visitors each year enjoy the black sand beaches and unique experience that only Lanzarote can offer.

Northernmost of the seven main islands of the Canary's archipelago, Lanzarote maintains relatively constant temperatures and sees low annual rainfall. Few days are lost to weather-related problems due to this environment, which offers the premium atmosphere for technical improvements and beneficial training.

In addition to these benefits, the winds are good and steady in the Canary Islands due to the north-east trade winds, which also bring cooler air in the summers to Lanzarote.

Lanzarote offers holiday guests a relaxed atmosphere. It is here that you will discover the common use of camels to transport goods, and enjoy a desert-like climate. Lanzarote Island is at the most northeastern tip of the Canary Islands. It is interesting to note that this is a volcanic island. You won't find bustling nightlife clubs here, but you will enjoy immaculate white beaches, the San Gines Lagoon, and placid waters.

This island speaks of culture and charm, from its Romance language (Spanish), to its natural beauty. Part of Spain, the island is 20 kilometers at its widest section and is 60 kilometers long. There's a lot to see and do in a relatively small geographical area.

You can go Canary trekking on the island. These walks let you discover the natural protected areas of Lanzarote and feature professional guides to accompany you. The Olita treks provide for country walks year round for you to explore lava fields.

The wonderful climate throughout the year is conducive to a variety of sports activities. Take your pick of golf, diving, horseback riding, tennis and windsurfing.

Lanzarote offers many great attractions for visitors of all ages. The Guinate Tropical Park and Penguin Paradise near Haria offers a very unique array of wildlife. The penguin enclosure, Penguin Paradise is a spectacle in itself.

The underwater viewing pool gives visitors the unique experience of seeing the behavior of penguins while under water. It is simply amazing to see how these incredible birds behave in their natural habitat.

Lanzarote, at 37 miles long and 12 miles wide, has much to offer visitors of all ages. Due to the location of the island and volcanic eruptions as recent as the 19th century, people often describe parts of the island as lunar. Some say it gives them the feeling of being in another world. Families with small children find this an exciting way to teach their children about the planets and how each area of a planet can differ from others.

Strictly enforced building regulations have helped maintain the beautiful beaches and landscapes on Lanzarote. The same regulations ensure that there are no annoying billboards or high-rise buildings.

Costa Teguise is the smallest of the three large resorts on Lanzarote. It is about 6 miles northeast of the capital city Arrecife. The entire resort is built on former lava fields and saltpans.

The resort consists of several apartment blocks, bungalows and villas. Primary attractions are the golf course, a marina, commercial shops and entertainment. Many visitors enjoy the water park in the outskirts of the resort.

Playa Blanca was once a small fishing port. In recent years it has developed into the second largest resort on Lanzarote. Playa Blanca is very popular with families due to its size and many family-friendly beaches.

Two more beaches were recently added to Playa Blanca to help make up for the lack of space on the main central beach. Along the nicely manicured streets you will find several shops, restaurants and clubs. The resort offers many sports and attractions for guests of all ages.

Puerto del Carmen, located on the southern central coast of the island, is the most popular of the three larger resorts. The resort has approximately 4 miles of tourist attractions, three large beaches and accommodations for up to 30,000 visitors.

Nearly one full mile of beachfront property is available to tourists in the form of villas, apartments and hotels. Many bars, restaurants and tourist shops also line the streets and walkways.

All hotels and restaurants near the docks offer up amazing views sweeping the harbor, sea and the volcanic mountains of Papagayo.

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