Training Your Downline Pays Dividends - By: James Slader

Description : Today's affiliate marketers have a lot of competition. With so many similar products in the marketplace, one needs that extra something that will put them ahead of the pack in terms of sales. An informed and trained downline is something that keeps your internet business growing.

Training your downline is something that requires a time investment. If you want a dynamic downline team that energetically pursues sales, you have to train them to be that way. They will need your expertise, tips, advice, and 'tales from the front lines', so they can approach their affiliate business with confidence. You can't give them this help by just firing off an e-mail to them two or three times a year with a token "how are things going, try this, I'll get back to you in a few months" mentality. Devote time to thorough training of your downline.

What are some effective ways to train your downline? Some of the following have helped internet marketers train their downline to sell more affiliate products:

* E-mail communication on a weekly basis. Weekly, not quarterly is the key here. These messages of product updates, advice, inspiration, or whatever, do not have to be long and involved. They are weekly information snippets to keep your downline informed. They can be preludes to more in depth information you present to them in other ways. In addition, regular weekly e-mail communication lets your downline know you care about their success. It lets them know you are not abandoning them to market forces without support.

* Conference calls; whether voice or video are excellent training tools. Hold these calls at least once a month. Conference calls are great because you get real-time live verbal and visual communication going. You really connect with your downline membership this way, as it is a more personal way of communicating with them. Conference calls allow you the opportunity to discuss issues in depth and banter ideas back and forth with a variety of personalities. They are great for those who dislike tapping away at keys for text chats or e-mail letters.

* Personal, face-to-face meetings are an option for those who have a downline primarily in their geographic region. Have the latest product samples on hand which downline members can touch and use and feel to their hearts delight. Sure, you could always send samples to them, but everyone using a new or updated affiliate product together under one roof inspires brainstorming. This brainstorming over product advantages and disadvantages helps all formulate their marketing plan for the product. If two heads are better than one, than many heads working together is even better. All come up with creative marketing ideas, which prevents big headaches when it comes to promoting an affiliate product.

* A monthly newsletter is a great way to keep your downline informed and trained. Write on one or two specific training methods in a newsletter and send it off in a pdf format to your downline, or by snail mail. It's nice to have information that is tangible and portable that you can write notes on. Again, a nice newsletter lets you expand on topics you touched on in a weekly e-mail. As long as you do not try to present too many points in a newsletter, they are a practical way for training your downline on specific aspects of your affiliate product.

* Affiliate company resources are great for training your downline. Some companies offer training CDs, DVDS, MP3 downloads, video downloads, booklets, brochures and samples for you to offer your downline. Your downline can access these as well when they gain experience and train their own downlines. In the meantime, it's your job to train neophyte downline members to sell effectively.

As an affiliate marketer, you have an obligation to your downline. Your obligation is to train them so they become as effective a salesperson as you are. When you train them properly, they reward you with greater income through their productive selling efforts.

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