What Constitutes A Luxury Car - By: Catherine Harvey

Description : There are many cars on the market that claim to be luxury vehicles but can they all surely be in this class? It seems more like most car manufacturers will produce a very basic model of a metal box on wheels and any additions paid for turn it into a luxury version. If you recently looked at one of these boxes you would see these are not basic cars but verging on primitive versions with their plastic interior, hard surfaces, uncomfortable seats and tinny noises.

You can pay for extras like leather seats or a better stereo but at the end of the day, you have a glorified metal box. Even when you look at the used car market, there are versions of luxury and basic. The difference between a used Hyundai and a used Lexus is as far apart as the difference between a puddle and the Pacific Ocean - vast.

So what should you expect to find with a luxury car that you wouldn't with your glorified tool box? First, reputation is a good place to start. If a car manufacturer is known for churning out vehicles that have a habit of breaking down or falling apart or simply not being able to go the distance, then this is a good indication, however cheap they may be, that you should steer well clear.

The reputation of a used Perodua Kelisa is that of a bag of nails that couldn't overtake a pushbike whereas, ask around for a used Lexus and you will be treated to a veritable barrage of extra goodies that actually come as standard. There are many cars in between that mean you are bound to find a used car that meets your needs and your budget.

Of course, for those on the border of being wealthy there are many ways to show this. Joining the elite of those that can afford luxury cars is easily done if you buy a used BMW or used Lexus or some such car. You can appear to be much better off than you are and enjoy all the benefits of the better class of car as well as the after service that comes with such high standards that no-one will ever know you haven't had the car from new.

A top class stereo is always a good idea and will show that you want your driving experience to be one of luxury. You should also look out for higher class interiors. Leather seats are all very well as long as it is good quality, soft leather and that the stitching is second to none. The cabin comfort says a great deal about whether or not this is a luxury car. It will be a quiet, comfortable, smooth ride undisturbed by engine or road noise, just the sweet, mellow tones of your classical CD.

The body work of a luxury car has to be impeccable. No flaws should be visible in the paintwork or bodywork itself. Well thought out aerodynamics in a car show the designers have put a lot of thought into it and a lot of research and money. They don't do this for run of the mill cars.

If you want to know what car manufacturers are up and coming in the luxury car field, do a little research. Take a good look at the company themselves, find out their goals for the future, whether they are progressing or standing still and whether or not they are leaders of innovative ideas and world firsts in their field. This will all give you a taste for what you can expect from them whether you are buying brand new or used.

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Author Resource : Expert buyer Catherine Harvey looks at the benefits of buying a used Lexus or other luxury car over a standard model.