Luxury Cars - Comfort and Pleasure Combined - By: Gregory Smyth

Description : A luxury car is a highly stylish as well as sophisticated vehicle that has been primarily designed for the comfort and pleasure of its driver or owner. In other words, as the name suggests, it is exclusively designed for pleasurable driving as well as optimum comfort. What that sets apart a luxury car from an ordinary car is undoubtedly the prodigious amount of prestige, comfort, and style it renders. In deed, these cars are more than just a vehicle, and are mostly used by high income people as a status symbol. However, the price of such a vehicle is exceptionally high, and may be sometimes more than $ 40000.

These vehicles come in a variety of forms, such as, compact models, mid luxury models, high end luxury cars, and ultra level luxury cars. Also known as entry level luxury cars, a compact luxury car is primarily designed by top end auto manufacturers to promote their brand and to win the loyalty of buyers. Usually, their price range is between $ 30,000 and $ 35,000. A fine example of compact vehicle is Mercedes-Benz' C-Class models. A mid luxury car is an excellent option for those looking for such features as great finish and fit, creative comfort, and superb performance. Further, these models would be attached with most sophisticated technological as well as safety features. In short, this is a great choice for those looking for a great driving experience. The price of a mid size luxury vehicle generally ranges between $40000 and $60000. One of the most popular among the mid models is Mercedes Benz' E-Class models as well as their high-end sedans.

In the case of high end varieties, they boast of everything in order to make your driving experience pleasurable. Interiors of such vehicles are designed in such a way that no detail is spared. One of the exquisite among the high end cars is Mercedes S-Class sedan, which in turn allows you to start the engine with merely a touch of a button. There are also certain high end models that are attached with such features to contact the manufacturer directly in times of repairs or maintenance. However, their prices are extremely high, ranging between $60,000 and $100,000. When comes to the ultra level vehicles, its epitomes are exclusivity and class. As the name indicates, it provides the ultimate in comfort, and style. But, its price would exceed more than $100,000.

Let it be of any category, a luxury car would be mostly attached with a host of cutting edge features. Just a few to mention are:

o Four wheel disc brakes coupled with antilock braking system
o Electronic or computer based stability systems, which in turn is highly beneficial to keep vehicles on track during low traction situations
o Airbags, which are an excellent safety feature to protect you against accidents and taller trucks
o Power adjustable head restraints, which are a great feature to protect you against whiplash injuries especially during a rear-end collision
o Telescoping steering wheel - This not only provides comfortable driving experience but also helps the driver to keep a proper distance
o Adjustable pedals, which enable drivers to keep an optimal distance from the steering wheel and that too without compromising pedal reach
o Park assistance park sonar and back up cameras, which not only protect you from bumpers and other damages but also help you avoid hitting someone
o Above all, highly sophisticated head light systems

Now we will discuss why these vehicles are regarded as so safe. First of all, due to its excellent construction style, ie, such a luxury vehicle is mostly built with additional structural protection features. Another important feature that ensures safety of this type of vehicle is its weight, which is usually heavier because of its construction style. Above all, a luxury car would be attached with a series of features such as electronic stability system and airbags, all of which provide safety.

One could enjoy the full benefits of owning such a vehicle, provided you are ready to do some leg work prior to its purchase. Firstly, take time to undertake a thorough investigation in order to get a clear idea on all aspects of your dream vehicle. Reading reviews written by real users, referring top auto magazines, and talking to sales representative would be helpful for this.

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