Make The Most Of Recruitment East Anglia - By: Shaun Parker

Description : Finding a Job needn't be the daunting task that it often appears to be. Many people imagine their job search will be a trying and complicated process but it needn't be. You can find a job in a few simple steps. Writing a CV is likely to be a time consuming aspect of the search but if you spend time to get your CV right and send it out to as many people as possible you will soon find that you have got a job interviews for loads of jobs.

It's important to remain upbeat and enjoy the whole process as much as possible as it could result in you getting your dream job. So here are my tips to keep you Job search both effective and fun.
The first step on the long and lonely road to finding the dream job is to write a fantastic Cv. The best thing you can take on board is to remain as positive and upbeat about your personal skills and your past achievements. Always err on the side of arrogance! The more that you can sing your own praises the better. This for many of us is a little bit unnerving but it is important to remember that if you don't say it yourself then no one else will be there to stick up for you! Many places seem to suggest that CVs should be drab and corporate looking documents but i would encourage you to make your CV as personal and interesting as possible.

Remember that you are trying to make sure that an employer picks you for an interview so you have to be memorable (for the right reasons). If you find it really boring and want to see if people actually read it i would suggest that you put in a job section that says that you were once a stripper and see if this damages your chances - you never know it might improve them.

The next thing you will have to do is trawl through websites and newspapers to find the latest jobs and job listings and find the jobs that are suitable to you. Once you have done this you can get your CV out to as many of them that might suit you as possible. I would strongly recommend that you get your CV sent to as many different jobs as possible. Don't be shy. It is always worth applying to jobs that you might think are out of your reach just on the off chance that you get an interview - if you don't buy a ticket you don't win the raffle! The important thing to remember is that you never really know what a job is like until you have been to the workplace and seen it for yourself so even if the job sounds boring you should give it a go. If you are really bored apply to a couple of the strangest jobs that you come across. You never know you could end up becoming a Dolphin Trainer or a circus clown.

It may sound obvious but register with as many agencies as possible. Although agencies are quite often annoying to work for (because you know that they take 40 percent of the money that the company pays for your hard work) they can often provide a good service in helping the employer fill a vacancy. Because they make money filling the jobs they are likely to help you fill one of their vacancies and as a result put your forward for jobs. I would recommend that you also sign up to free sites so that you can try and get a job without them.

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