Standing Up To Car Hire Rip Offs - By: Catherine Harvey

Description : Global warming is often blamed on the use of our cars and for this we are slapped with huge taxes and massive purchase prices. This is in a bid to keep our car usage down and fuel consumption to a minimum to save the environment. No matter that these huge corporations spew out millions of tons of waste everyday all over the world, just as long as we don't use our car to get to work.

It seems the drivers are rebelling! Car hire and car sales have noticed that drivers, particularly the older ones, are steering back to vehicles with bigger engines - exactly the ones the government are trying to subdue us into doing without. Is this because the older man is more likely to afford the extra charges that go with it or because they don't have long enough left to worry about the environment, or simply because they have the intelligence to see the scaremongering global warming for the hog wash it is?

Drivers over fifty are particularly responsible for the use of car hire where engine size is over 2000cc and even over 3000cc. Will the government jump on the bandwagon and blame these people for melting icebergs and homeless polar bears? Do they care? Driving around with that much power beneath you in your car hire vehicle, would you really worry about it?

Having said that, advancements are being made in the field of fuel consumption all the time and a prototype engine is currently being worked on that promises to save a massive twenty seven per cent fuel consumption.

When it comes to paying for our vehicle fuel, never make the mistake of using the pumps at a car hire firm. This is one rip off the companies use to fleece us big time. There are various ways you can choose to pay for fuel for car hire and one of those is to fill up at their depot. This is where you will find prices at up to forty per cent more expensive than high street petrol stations.

Another of their tricks is to take it full and return it full. However, you must ensure you fill it completely. If car hire staff can squeeze in any amount they will often charge you for re-fuelling of a complete tank.

While on the subject of car hire rip offs, take a closer look at insurances and extra cover that they try and encourage you to take out. Many are unnecessary and you will often be covered on other policies. If you have the time, before you use car hire it is worth checking these things out.

CDW is collision damage waiver. Despite already having insurance cover this is an extra that car hire companies offer to reduce the excess you would pay in the event of an accident.

Don't be fooled into thinking this is enough. You can always take out the souper douper SCDW. Does exactly what CDW does but a little more so your liability is down to zero.

Car hire companies will also try on convincing you that you need TW - theft waiver. Protecting your liability against theft with the souper douper version also on offer. Is this not exactly what your basic insurance is for? Insure yourself against damage or theft then take out extra insurance just in case it gets damaged or stolen instead.

PI - personal insurance is offered by car hire companies and this will pay out if you kill yourself in an accident. Most useful!!

PEC - personal effects cover, pays out if your property is stolen from your vehicle. You may well find that your house insurance covers you for this, so check it out before you leave home and have to dig further into your pocket.

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Author Resource : Vehicle expert Catherine Harvey looks at the things to beware of when using car hire for transport.