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There are four great ways to apply the Law of Attraction in your life:

1) Letting go of the negative with The Sedona Method

2) Giving without wanting something back in return

3) Getting Into Action

4) Following your heart.

This article is the third in the series on applying the Law of Attraction and focuses on following your heart.

Why It’s Important to Follow Your Heart?

There is a universal intelligence or knowingness in each and every one of us. When you are open to this intelligence of the heart, it guides you in the right direction to do what is best for you and those around you.

Following this intuitive knowing attracts to you whatever you need as you need it. You find yourself having, being and doing whatever is right for you in the moment for your highest good.

Your heart knows what actions are appropriate for you to take to attract to you what is appropriate for you. Your heart also knows when to give or act without wanting anything in return.

Following your heart also feels great. There is an inner sense of peace and completion as well as love and compassion as you allow yourself to follow your heart. This feels so good it is often its own reward.

What if I Have Attempted to Follow My Heart Unsuccessfully?

Even though you have probably heard the advice “follow your heart” before you know it is not always as easy as it sounds.

First of all, we have been programmed by society to believe in and trust our minds over our hearts, so we may not even try to follow the intelligence of the heart. In my experience this is a grave mistake. Our mind can only respond after the fact based on memory, while our heart – our intuitive knowing – is always in the now responding appropriately to what is actually going on.

Even if we believe in the value of trusting the intuitive knowingness that flows from the heart, we can not always tell the difference between intuition and emotional reaction. They often can start out feeling the same.

The Way to Open Yourself to the Wisdom of the Heart

There is a simple yet powerful way for you to uncover your intuitive knowingness and follow your heart… Letting go! It is very simple. When you believe you are either being mislead by the mind or are not sure that gut sense you are experiencing is actually intuition, simply let go using The Sedona Method.

If you let go and it is simply mental confusion or emotional reaction it will simply lessen as you let go and may even fully disappear. If it is a message from your heart – your own knowingness – it will simply get quieter and clearer as you let go.

Now you know why Lester Levenson, the inspiration behind The Sedona Method, said “Intuition is only right 100% of the time.” He knew as you now do that if you let go of your reactions and trust the true messages of the heart you can not go wrong.

Allow yourself to explore letting go instead of allowing your doubt or reactions to control you the next time you are attempting to know what to do. You will find yourself following your heart and naturally moving in the direction of attracting all that is for your highest good.

Please let us know how following your heart is helping you achieve what you desire. Please also share this information with everyone you know.

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