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Looking for the latest designs for TV stands and TV accessories, the world’s largest TV accessory store is waiting for you at Twickenham, located in the South West of London. FlatTVWorld is the world’s largest flat TV accessory store. We are an important part of a company called World Stores Limited Registered number 03909772. WorldStores is one of the fastest growing e-tailers in the UK, owning and operating 15 different web sites with a further 20 web sites to be opened in 2008.

The last year has seen us dispatch over 200,000 items in the 12 months which has resulted in 100,000’s of satisfied customers who keep coming back to us. Our mission has always been to bring you the very best flat TV accessories from companies across the world at the lowest possible prices. Our most important goal is customer satisfaction and ensuring that they have a great time with our products. Your opinions matter most to us and therefore genuinely appreciate any comments you want to make about our products.

To store our vast range of products we use a colossal warehouse facility and also leverage the power of our suppliers’ storage. Our huge stock ensures that we have a wide range of choices for our customers. The incredible level of choice is also because of our limitless shelf space. Our organized way of selling offers a simple and pleasant shopping experience for our customers to easily find what they are looking for.
Being an online store has helped keep our overheads very low. This helps us to supply products at very reasonable prices.

All the products that we sell are manufactured to the highest quality standards, mostly sourced from a hi-tech facility in the United Kingdom. Unlike most online furniture retailers we offer you a genuine warranty on all the products on sale at our site. A 5 year warranty is offered on all desking and table ranges. The warranty for all other products, including customized and made to order products, is warranted for the period depending on their usage and structural capability. It varies with each product. The period of warranty ranges from 1, 2, 3 or 5 years are offered. Moving parts on all products are subject to a 2 year warranty.

If you want any further information on individual products please do contact our sales or customer service team over telephone or through our website. All products are warranted against manufacturing defects, except for all moving parts like mechanisms, castors, pedestal drawers and seating upholstery which are subject to usage related wear and tear. FlatTVWorld reserves the right not to apply the warranty in cases of inappropriate use or when the product has been tampered with by a third party or interventions by non-authorized personal.

Our store managers are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting products to provide our customers with unique pieces. However all items are subject to availability of the product and any shortage will be informed to you.

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