6 Easy Steps to Keep Your Cut Flowers Long Lasting & Fresh - By: Joseph Pierce

Description : If you are giving a bouquet of flowers or just received one from your loved ones, you’ll want the flowers to stay fresh for as long as possible. If the flowers are already in a vase, the steps for flower care will be different. But if you are placing the flowers in your own container, professional Bismarck florists suggest following these 6 quick steps to ensure your cut flowers will remain new and fresh for many days.

Six Steps to Keep Your Cut Flowers Fresh for Long:

1.Cut the Stems:

Air bubbles could form at the end of the stems, which would prevent the plants from absorbing water. Make sure to cut nearly an inch at the end of the stem to remove air blockages. This step has to be followed when the flowers you received are ready to be placed in the vase. After cutting the stems, place the flowers right away in water to prevent any air bubbles from forming again.

2.Place the Bouquet in Cool Water:

For a majority of cut flowers, cool or room temperature water is ideal to thrive for a longer period. However, Bismarck florists suggest that bulb flowers such as daffodils and tulips may be started in water that is slightly cooler than room temperature. Even though water that is warmer than room temperature helps flower buds to bloom faster, there are possibilities for them to degrade sooner than expected.

3.Remove Leaves That will be Under Water:

Any leaves that are present below water will rot and impact the life of your flowers. This is mainly because of bacterial growth that causes diseases. To prevent this, florists offering flower delivery in Bismarck suggest removing any leaves beneath the water in order to protect and keep your flowers fresh.

4.Use Flower Food:

There are flower foods you could use to help flowers last long. They are commercially available and should be included with your bouquet. Purchase flower food from florists and mix it according to the package directions. Then put the solution in the vase before the flowers go in, so that the flowers will receive sufficient nutrients needed to stay fresh.

5.Replace Water Every Three Days:

To prevent bacterial growth, if you are not using flower food, be sure to replace the vase water once every three days. Before adding fresh water, wash the vase thoroughly to remove bacteria. Once you fill the vase with fresh water, cut the ends of the stems as mentioned earlier, so that water absorption becomes easier.

6.Store them in a Cool Place:

When kept in direct sunlight, it is possible for flowers to quickly fade. Hence, place the vase in an area that receives indirect sunlight and keep them away from heat sources.

Try to execute these steps to keep your cut flowers fresh for longer. When you purchase a bouquet from Bismarck flower shops and gift it to your loved ones, conveying these tips would be helpful for them.

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