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Description : Search engine optimization (SEO) needs to be thought to be an important part of any Internet Marketing system. This is also vital for offline businesses success! Without an effective campaign running for building your rankings on Google, you're in essence losing valuable income on a daily basis. Your domain name and of course your site is a good point for a business. So creating a correctly optimised website will lead to no cost traffic and advertising.

An example of a blog that's most often used to make cash online is Blogger. Owned by Google, Blogger is a blogging host much like other blogs which you could type about your thoughts, post photos and videos yourself (so long as you set your website on private) and for the whole planet to view and revel in. The most amazing part? It's free! The only real way to make money online would be to gain a high position within the SERPs (search engine results positioning pages).

And when I mention search engines like google I am really speaking about Google because most people who find themselves not online visit Google to locate when they wish to find something out. At least 80% of normal folks use Google for searching needs. So, if you rank highly on Google, you create money. Promotion. A lot of new site owners aren't aware with the need for using the numerous ways of promotion that are available to them. You want to make the maximum amount of traffic as possible to fill your surveys and that means you will want to have the word out!

Social Media is a great starting point for. Send out links via Facebook, twitter etc. Plugins like Rewards Xpress take advantage of this viral marketing well because it provides each user which has a unique referral link which gives them bonus points because of their referrals. There are also online services that may broadcast your website to 10,000+ people on Facebook. Google AdWords, forums, and check engine site submission tools like jimtools can all be utilized to get targeted traffic to your internet site Google ranks blogs for several keywords along with their long tails.

The first thing a G bot scans is your blog's title, in that case your subtitle, after that your side bar, your post title, in that case your post. You want to put your target keyword in every of those places to tell the G spiders exactly what your blog is approximately. This is called on page search engine marketing (SEO).

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