How to Help a Child Struggling With Math? - By: Patrick Yau

Description : “I hate Math, and I am done” – Parents who often hear these words from their children, regardless of the grade, should never overlook it. Though experiencing insecurity about subjects is normal, but for some students, the anxiety about maths can be extreme and hamper their performance in their academics. Unlike other subjects that can be easily learned, math builds from one concept to another. So, if your child is struggling with math, it is essential to get help from the maths tutors in Sydney.

Often, children don’t speak up when they find it difficult to learn math. They just get frustrated and ignore math classes and home assignments and give up. How can you find out if your kid is struggling? Here are the signs to look for. Keep in mind, the earlier you find it out; you can help them before they give up.

- Often, kids will complain they are bored at math class as they don’t get the concept. When your child says they are bored, it is essential to find the cause.

- If you notice that your child is getting good grades in other subjects, while low grade in math, it is an obvious sign that they are struggling to learn math.

- You can also notice some physical signs like counting on fingers. It shows that they have poor retention of number facts.

- Struggles to understand symbols recognise patterns, and struggles to connect a number.

How to help your child learn math?

There are many ways to help students struggling with math. Here are some of the ways to help your child get started.

Free Maths website

There are several math websites that help children understand and learn math.

Get help from math tutors Sydney

Getting help from math tutors in Sydney is one of the best ways to help your children learn math. The tutors Sydney provide a more tailored learning experience, reinforce their strength’s, and help to improve on the areas where they are lagging.

Help your child use math every day

By encouraging your child to solve problems involving math outside the school, your child will be able to learn math practically. If you are going to the grocery, ask your kid to calculate the price of three or four chocolates, and when you travel, ask them to how long it will take to reach the destination based on your speed. This will definitely help them to show some interest and increase the curiosity to learn more.

Get more information

Meet your child’s teacher and ask how your child could improve. As the math teacher spends more time at school with your child, they’ll be able to point out where they are going wrong and how to help them.

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