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Description : As an online travel business owner, you might already know that your responsibilities extend to a lot more than just booking accommodation and flights. Along with these responsibilities, there is also an essential part of the job to focus on which is the arrangement of travel insurance. It is sometimes said, “Travel enriches the soul and broadens the mind” but if you can’t afford travel insurance then don’t leave home. Although this might seem an overstatement it is completely right decision not to skip on travel insurance rather faced with paying for medical expenses before being able to access treatment. No matter how careful traveller you are, the unexpected things happen in the form of an injury or theft or medical emergency or loss of bags and values.

All these issues not only become a great deal of inconvenience for your clients but they also add expenses as well. This is where travel insurance comes in handy and as a business owner, your clients will thank you enough for preventing a lot of unnecessary trouble. If you are an online travel business owner who wants to sell insurance along with other products then Ancileo provides best Travel Insurance API integration facilities through advanced digital or e-merchandising technology. Ancileo is the well-established and most reputable company that have years of experience providing insurance technology services and plug and play insurance API for the entire customer journey.

In this age of digital technology, most of the travellers across the world can view and search thousands of flights, hotels, transfers, activities and car rentals with availability and real-time rates and can make reservations instantly right on their mobile phones or laptops. This is the reason, for any online travel agency inventory is the heart and soul and API integration is very important for your Travel Insurance Distribution business. Because today travel market has become increasingly competitive and if you don’t have the right information that people are looking for then they will instantly switch to your competitor who does. Ancileo’s travel insurance API allows you to integrate third-party inventory or feeds into the booking engine on your website so that when a customer makes a search to book a flight or accommodation on your website, they won’t be deducted into another website and the payment will be collected by you.

At Ancileo, our localised quote API allows all our clients or customers to dynamically display localised insurance costs based on a various set of parameters and it also enables to bring the flexibility to manage discounts, one-off and recurring billing and add-on options. Our travel API lets everyone with basic coding knowledge to access the site and include the capabilities in their website or mobile app just in a matter of hours or minutes.

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