4 benefits of Honda bike insurance - By: Harjeet Bedi

Description : Two-wheeler insurance like any other type of insurance is dependent on a number of factors. The coverage that a customer requires for a Honda scooter or motor bike will depend on different factors like the model of the vehicle, price, and the city where it is registered, class of vehicle, driving record and some other factors. Amount of coverage required for Honda bike or scooter will depend on the class, model and the price of the vehicle. The external aspects of the vehicle like the engine capacity, body parts, usage are also some of the factors which determine the type of insurance cover an owner will need. These factors combined affect the premium an owner will be charged. The amount of premium may go up or down depending on several factors. Before buying a two-wheeler insurance policy for a Honda vehicle, it is important to do some research to ensure that a customer gets the best deal on the policy. When a customer goes for a Honda bike insurance in Delhi they are provided with a lot of benefits.

Some of the benefits of Honda bike insurance are listed below:

Personal accident cover: An important part of the Honda bike insurance in Delhi is the personal accident cover. While this feature may be a standard part of some policies, in other policies it is a feature that can be availed at the payment of a nominal premium. Under personal accident cover, in case of permanent disablement or death of the owner of insured vehicle, an insurance company provides a compensation of a pre-fixed amount to the immediate family of the deceased. The personal accident cover for each of the policies is subject to terms and conditions of the cover.
Third party liability coverage: As per the motor Vehicles Act of 1988, the minimum insurance requirement for any vehicle is to be covered by a third-party Liability Insurance Cover. The Honda bike insurance in Delhi offers Third party liability insurance which is designed to protect a customer from any legal liability that may arise if the insured vehicle has caused any type of damage to any third party individual, resulting in the permanent disablement or death or damage to any third party property.

Engine protection coverage: The engine of any vehicle is the main component. Though Honda vehicles are built to last, any damage caused to the engine of the vehicle and it can affect a vehicle’s performance and compromise their safety. Engine protection cover is a standard part of the Honda bike insurance in Delhi and the policies that offer protection toward any damage that may be caused to the engine as per pre-specified policy wordings.

Road side assistance: An accident can occur anywhere, which may leave the owner of the car stranded on some road without any help. This is the situation where Roadside assistance can be the owner’s savior. Road side assistance is designed to provide a customer with any type of assistance which an owner may need like a fuel refill, spare key service, relaying important messages to friends.

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Author Resource : About the author: Harjeet Bedi is an engineering student residing in Delhi. During his spare time, he loves to write about his passion for automobiles. Through this article he talks about 4 benefits of Honda bike insurance.